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What Time Is Grey?

The title of this post comes from a Philip Glass song, and I find it's a very good question as I grumpily look out my office window at a sky that hasn't changed its grayscale hue one bit since I woke up this morning and most likely will not change except to go from grey to blackest black. Today wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't juxtaposed with yesterday's beautiful weather. Beautiful enough that it got me to skip class and take pictures of the city from Lucy and Eileen's rooftop.

studying for scaramanga

When I woke up Sunday I picked up some pancakes and eggs at Veselka and headed over to Lucy and Eileen's. Ei left to go to work and Lucy left soon afterwards to meet Johnny for their trip back to Bedford, and I set up camp in the girls' deserted apartment with the goal of studying for my Linguistics mid-term. Not much studying was accomplished - I was done in by the availability of the internet and no on else around me studying so as to set some sort of academic example. The only productive thing I did was to write the post before this one all about my salvia experience.

After wasting a good portion of the day I spent 20 bucks on sushi and tempura, bought some PBR, took a couple of resin hits and popped The Man With The Golden Gun into the DVD player, my second Bond outing in a matter of a week. What a fucking weird movie. I used to think that Roger Moore was my favorite Bond but he's kind of a jackass. The movie's saving grace (and probably the reason for the title) is its villain, Francisco Scaramanga, who is played oh so devilishly by the wonderful Christopher Lee, and attended to by a freaky little French midget named Nick Nack. Together they run a psychedelic pistol duel funhouse. Check it out sometime.

Yesterday I woke up and I felt like it was summer. I was warm when I got up but remembered that, knowing good weather was coming, I had turned the heater way down for the night. I checked, and it wasn't on, and I realized that I was warm because it was actually nice outside. I went to my first class, but after that since I was coming down with a bit of a cold and not really in the mood to learn anything at all, I skipped the remainder of the day to once again hang out at Lucy and Ei's. I took the camera and tripod up onto their roof and got some footage and some photographs, though most of it was washed out by the extreme amount of sunlight, which actually was making me sweat. It was t-shirt weather!

After a brief trip to the Tompkins Square Dog Run me and Lucy returned to her domicile for the purposes of studying. Feeling like shit from being sick, that didn't really last, and it wasn't long till we were eating Thai food and thinking of a movie to rent instead.

martin scorsese, you can be a real dick sometimes

Cape Fear: perhaps one of the most mismade movies ever. What I mean by that is here you have a remake of an old movie from the late 50's/early 60's, with a pretty great story to go on. But what the hell happened? This was not the movie I remembered and lumped into a category with The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and Fatal Attraction. No, this was some sort of weird damnation of the American prison system and ideas of male sexuality that was so convoluted that it confused itself. Not that the stories are anything alike, but if you compare Cape Fear with Shawshank Redemption, seeing as they both have the same ideas regarding prison as the backbones of their stories, you can't do anything but laugh at Cape Fear. Scorsese, what happened? You had Mean Streets, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and then you just started pissing it all away. Ugh. To quote Eileen, what a waste of 2 hours of my life.

better ways to spend your time than watching Cape Fear:

-The Village Voice has an awesome article dripping with cynicism about today's hip-hop scene, a social commentary under the guise of a review of The Game's new album. (Thanks Larry.)

-I can recommend a number of chemicals if you'd like to induce this phenomenon in yourself...but this lady's had it from birth.

-Invade MY campus. :(

-What the good god hell is wrong with New Jersey anyway?

-All the Calvin and Hobbes you could ever want.

-I saw this on and I am so confused...


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