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we're not even halfway there

spring break. woooo.

After caving in to a night of marijuana and a shitty movie Monday night I battened down the hatches Tuesday and studied nice and hard for my double-midterm-frightfest on Wednesday. I skipped out on seeing Stars @ the Mercury Lounge, hunkered down with my Linguistics books and papers, reviewed some Hemingway and then got a good amount of sleep. The tests both went well, and now school is over for about 12 days of Spring Break. This is the first Spring Break (I feel like I've said this here before) that I'm not spending outside of the city but it should be fun. First some Bedford action at the Beach house, and then Larry's coming to visit, at which point paper will be eaten. Yum.

successful sister story

After hitting the halfway point in my semester (though I'll still have to take one more summer class before I graduate), I showered and then Lucy and I headed over to my sister Nika's gallery opening in Chelsea. This was Nika's first ever independently curated exhibit (correct me if I'm wrong on that one Nika) and it was done in tandem with International Print Center NY and the Museum of the City of New York. It was a blast! They had some decent white wine and the place was PACKED!

It was cooler than words can tell to be surrounded by one of your siblings' accomplishments, plastered all over the walls, all her hard work for months coming to a head and I was glad to be there to celebrate it. The entire family was out in full force, including my Dad and his fucking annoying easily-drunk-getting girlfriend, my Mom who was the star of the show, our great-aunt Mila, and at one point Miriam even called from Italy and it was like the circle was complete, and it made me with that she was right there with me, my mom and Lucy while we played dodge Daddy and scurried around the exhibit. A lot of Nika's friends and colleagues came out and everyone was really enjoying the opening. The single best print was called "Symphony Orchestra" and was a very cool psychedelic black and white print of an orchestra playing while a deer, an angel, a horse, and a goat-footed devil flew towards each other above them in a swirling cloud. Nika even got her hands on a Muhammad Ali print that he drew in 1970, and it was hilarious. If I can find a picture of it I'll link to it.

Big kudos to Nika not only for having such a successful opening but also for Getting Accepted to Princeton for Graduate School. WOW! Way to go Nika.

and then i was drunk and sick

After the opening Lucy and I headed downtown to El Nuevo Amancer for some damn good Hispanic food. Jay freaked the fuck out of me when he came up to the window scratching at it, looking like some hungry hoodlum with his fingerless gloves and knit cap. He needs a culkin. After the chow we made our way to Bowery Ballroom for the Hot Hot Heat show just in time to catch a set by Louis XIV who were really entertaining in a passing-fancy kind of way. They had one jam that was so 80's it hurt. Unfortunately, my headache grew, my coughing got worse, and I all around felt like shit by the time HHH was getting ready to take the stage, so I bowed out early and had a nice quick cab ride home.

lost and found

-Cat Shoots Man. Fuck the fact that the cat did it - who leaves a loaded gun with the safety off lying around his kitchen counter? Idiot.

-Iraq has been gripped by a new TV sensation - Terrorist Reality TV.

-I would not be at all surprised if this was true.

-The War on Drugs is a colossal failure.

-Anybody else notice that The Cube Is Missing?


  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger ashley said…


    *major intrigue ensues*

    yo dude, give me a call! larry's number is disconnected and i can't find yours at the moment. yeah. call! 724 713 2892
    i eagerly await tons and tons of sales calls

    <3 hugs
    <3 ashley

  • At 11:25 PM, Blogger Mickey Marx said…

    Cat shoots man??? Tumble, you can have half your Democratons back just for finding that and posting it. You may now be upgraded to "being forced to watch reruns of 'Hannity and Colmes' while Condaleeza Rice gently re-educates you with a sponge and a barbed scourge." Knowing you, you'll probably enjoy that.


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