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-In Roger Ebert's review of Be Cool, he not only convinces me where NOT to spend ten dollars, but also reminds me why he's my favorite movie critic. He's just so damn good about writing about why a movie does or doesn't work.

-NYU is warning its students not wear the trademark white headphones that come with iPods, claiming that they are thief-magnets for unsuspecting rich girls from the suburbs getting lost in the nitty gritty of New York. Not that they'll listen, since those sub-par headphones are more of an accessory than a utility . . .

-The issue of euthanasia is popping up everywhere these Juvie death penatly, could this be coming to a head?

-I love the Mobius Band and it's good to see them get their just desserts in a spot-on Pitchfork review.

-Cool old RANA article I found through their website.

-Not only has our defense spending dug us into a hole of debt...the money isn't even being put to the uses we're told it is!

-Last night Matt (eg)G.(andcheese) blew my mind last nightwith this website that shows off some dude's homemade ultra-camera. This was made for some skyscraper-to-skyscraper peeping tom shit!

-According to the UN's Narcotics wing, the United States has the largest appetite of the entire world for illicit drugs, and recommends easing laws regarding recreational cannabis usage. Not that we ever listen to the UN...

-This guy's doing the program I'll be applying to eventually, JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program), and he keeps a hilarious blog detailing his misadventures with crotch-grabbing Japanese boys who think he must have a huge dick because that's what MTV tells them about black people.

repeat? smoke!

So, the last time we were together it was 11:30 AM and I was sitting in linguistics writing that last blog entry. Since then so little has happened that it almost doesn't merit mentioning its littleness, but then again, last night was a hardy helping of fun, and the night before, well, this is just getting off on the wrong foot.

Occasionally you'll read something I write about The Impending Future (capitalized here because it is also the name of an excellent mix Larry made for me which I am listening to right now). The Impending Future is my nearby graduation. I will be graduating on May 12th, though I'll have to take one last course in the first of the two summer sessions, and will officially be done with college at the end of June. I will be a 22-year old pot-smoking college graduate, and that is an eerie thought indeed. I've been getting sicker and sicker of school, but I think something happened - I hit rock-bottom when it came to hating school last semester when I took a midterm in which the essay counted for 60 percent of the grade. For my essay, I wrote a one-page treatise on why I felt I was unprepared to write said essay, and detailing my lack of enthusiasm for the class, accepting full responsibility for the results. I am such a dickhead.

Since then, I'm sensing a growth in separation anxiety as I near the end of my tenure as a college student. I'm lucky in that this semester, of my 3 classes, I really enjoy 2 and am only halfway annoyed by the third. I'm really enjoying learning and even more than that I'm realizing more and more that I'm going to miss being in a room with a bunch of English majors talking about nothing but one paragraph for an hour and fifteen minutes. I feel like the only place I'll have to do that after college is if I join some dorky reading group that meets for drinks, but I don't make friends, so I will never do that.

Wednesday night was a fun school night. It made me love being a student. Rather than go see M. Ward at the Knitting Factory, I grabbed coffee and some poppyseed cake from Veselka and headed over to the Palladium dorm's "Multi-Purpose Room" where my Contemporary British Culture professor, Patrick Deer, was having a screening of Dr. No, one of the novels we're reading this semester. We all filed in around 7:30 and the teaching assistants were late with snacks and drinks so Prof. Deer turned down the lights, turned up the volume, and that familiar Bond theme hit the screen, the silhouetted secret agent stepping out before the barrel of a gun and taking it down, head-on. I was giddy with excitement, it had been a long time since I'd seen a good Bond movie. Not to be down on Pierce Brosnan, cause Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies are smashing, but the last two were simply crap.

Dr. No was the first Bond novel ever adapted to the big screen, and Sean Connery was plucked from obscurity to play the role. He was a dock-worker when he was discovered and had to take classes in manners and, well, class, in order to play the suave secret agent. What was more fun than watching the film was the discussion afterwards. We turned the lights back up, everyone settled in with snacks and soda, and we had an extended discussion between the students, Prof. Deer, and Professor Cyrus Patell, another cool guy in the English department. Everything about the situation was just great. I found myself thinking - What else would I want to do on a Wednesday evening than watch a movie and then discuss it, analyze it, talk it down to death? The fire alarm went off, Palladium was evacuated, and I went back to Lucy and Ei's for some TV and then headed home to bed.

Thursday after work I had one hell of a bad excuse for a midterm review in my linguistics recitation, another debate about the infinity within the mind, picked up my paycheck and cruised over to 2A to enjoy the fruits of Happy Hour with Lucy. Matt called up and joined us mid-way through our first round, and after the nectars were drained from our glasses me and Matt headed to Sapporo East to grab some sushi-to-go while Lucy diverged in search of sandwich goodness. We picked up some rolls and six pints of PBR and headed to Lucy's where Ani had already arrived, and we all got nice and ready to watch the OC. Unfortunately (and this is where static in the box comes in, clever clever) the OC was on TWICE last night, back-to-back repeats. We all half-heartedly watched the first of the two episodes, back from the land of first season when I never watched the show, and I didn't really care at all. And I hate Paris Hilton. Most of the time we amused ourselves with conversation and once the show was over Lucy headed to Bowery to catch the Jayhawks show with Johnny, leaving me, Matt and Ani to our own devices.

Which led to me opening a drawer, packing a bowl, and we all took a couple of hits. Seeing as how I was already drunk when we did this, I was pretty far-gone once it all completely soaked in. We rocked out to the new Spin while talking about god-knows-what and playing an entertaining round of All Look Same. (Ani got 8, Matt got 6.) I was zonked out of my mind on the liquorweed combination when Matt showed me the link int he above section to the dude's crazy camera, and it was almost a bit too much to comprehend. I was grinning like a goddamn idiot. Ani and Matt escorted each other to the F train, and I went home, read some Dr. No, and passed on out.


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