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you can take your blog and shove it up your ass

I got drunker as the night went on so I can't remember all too clearly, but I'm pretty sure that's what Sean Bones said to me when I declared my fervent desire to Culkin him. Said desire has not abated, only inflated, in the wake of this effrontery upon my forays into the world of blogging. Where did all those words just come from? Weee.

So this morning I got to my Hemingway/Faulkner class really early, too fucking early, but thank god Linnea has the same problem as me (overcompensating fear of lateness and ending up at a place way earlier than you need to be). We caught up since she was sick and missed class last week and did the whole "where were you when you heard Hunter S. Thompson died?" thing. So take this with a grain of salt but here we go. Linnea's roommate, Viv, was supposed to have Thompson as a godfather, since her dad used to be his lawyer. (Not that lawyer, from Fear and Loathing, but a lawyer for him none the less.) Anyhow, her mom objected to his having that title due to Thompson being a lunatic, but still, the two families remained close. This is hearsay, but I'm gonna give it to you straight the way I heard it, I'm paraphrasing the exact wording, but the concept is still the same:

"Apparently he was having a big party at his compound as he liked to do, and they were having a big old barbecue when all of a sudden Hunter came out of the house and said, 'You better give me a damn good funeral.' He then went inside the house, into his room, took out a gun, and shot himself in the head."

The way the news outlets had it was that his son "found him" dead, made it sound kind of like he did it in a bit of privacy, but apparently everybody heard the gunshot and knew what had happened, and there you have it. The biggest "scoop" onesandzeroes is ever gonna have. For those curious and concerned, Viv is pretty shook up.

johnny's wife was playing keyboards

If what Beach claimed in his mid-set comment to Lucy is true, then he's going to be having some beautiful rockin' children.

The Shout Out Louds were awesome last night, and I didn't feel let down one bit despite the months-long build-up of excitement leading up to last night's show. We got to Bowery in time to miss their first track but just in time to hear The Comeback. When Noah waved us in, Lucy and I literally ran through the bar-crowd and headed upstairs and made our way to the front where Jay had his arm around Builder's neck and they were swaying back and forth like a couple of Irish drunkards. Standing behind them Beach and Daylen were doing their own little bounces and we commenced to join in on the Swedish dance party. Jersey Dan hugged us from behind demanding to know where we had been for the past few days and to know why he hadn't seen us in his time in New York. Well geez man how was I supposed to know! I barely know the guy. I hear about him in the RANA song Replacements more than I ever do in daily life. Mandel showed up not long after and Matt "I Can't Believe You Named Me Egg And Cheese" G. showed up a little later than he would have liked to, but still got to catch a good dose of Shout Out Loud rock.

They're a really fun band to watch, every single one of them. The bassist has this rigid hop that seems like he's on the verge of spasming and doubling over his bass that had me laughing on the inside a lot. Not on the outside, cause people would think "what the fuck?" The keyboardist, who at the Mercury CMJ show seemed kind of useless and annoying (albeit hot) was really cool last night though. She always looks like she's either a) riding the Xanax wave, b) half-heartedly interested, or c) wishing she was somewhere getting laid because the rockin' turns her on. A couple of songs into the set I decided that option (c) was probably closest to the truth, so a toast to Mrs. Swedish Beach.

The Futureheads were good background music for horsing around near the side-door but that's about all they did for me. They were kind of all over the place and I felt like they had three tempos - moderate, slowed down but about to explode, or frantic. They never settled but the switch-ups had no real rhythm to them and I was just confused. Plus, the Shout Out Louds were a really tough act to follow. All the pomp-and-circumstance and lights the Futureheads had couldn't even live up to the quaint, simple poster about the Shout Out Louds tour that they had set up on stage with them.

We spent most the Futureheads set drinking beer (which I got for free after the bartender dropped one and then insisted on giving me both for free. rock.) and plotting to Culkin Jay who was being way too cute for his own damn good. I got drunker than I expected to on less alcohol than I even planned to drink. How does that work? After some end-of-show banter with Jin, I headed out with Matt and Lucy and we took a stroll down Bowery headed northwards, discussing why the only cheese for egg-and-cheese is American cheese, processed down to the very last bit. Mmmm. I could go for one right now. Right now I am skipping Linguistics class to write this. Ha ha ha ha ha! I actually came pretty close to going today. I sat in a chair, took out my books, and then pulled a Belin one minute before class was to begin, in the middle of a conversation with my friend Tony. He was saying something and I turned to him and plainly said, "All right. I gotta go." That was that.


  • At 3:07 PM, Blogger jayloose said…

    you're dead to me tumbleweed. you were plotting to culkin a man that wasted in front of his lady friend? well, i guess they were right when someone said paybacks a bitch.


  • At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sean Bones is all Talk...


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