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senorita swanky

Compared with Hilary Swank's mere beginnings in her destined-to-be-illustrious career as an actress, the details of my weekend are a blip on the radar, a speck of cosmic dust powdered with tequila and Corner Bistro, but we'll get to that once I get this out of my system. For a long time I held a grudge against Hilary Swank for absolutely no reason at all (though thinking about my linguistics class and accent prejudice, I do realize a lot of it had to do with her southern drawl, which tended to draw on my nerves). The weekend began, on an obnoxiously cold Friday night, with Lucy and I taking a trip to my family's favorite restaurant on Indian row, Calcutta, complete with the 15 percent discount. We scarfed down some chicken tandoori, samosas and kadi mix and filled up on Taj Mahal in order to warm ourselves for the long-ass walk to the Angelika.

Side-rant: recently, at the Sam Champion Luna Lounge show, Ramie told Lucy and I that he wasn't sorry to see Luna go because it was a shitty venue with overpriced beer, no matter how much nostalgia is wrapped up in it. When we got to the Angelika all I could think about was that if someone was buying out that space and closing down the Angelika, sure it would be a huge blow to the local indie flick scene but as a theater, I wouldn't be sad to see it go at all. The Angelika theater is a piece of shit theater. The seating arrangements are crap, there's always heads in the way. The sound system is perpetually plagued by slight fuzz. The screens have been too worn down for too long. And beyond the aesthetics of it, the whole Angelika crowd/scene needs a collective Culkin. It's like a bunch of snotty French people getting high off espresso fumes while trying to look mysterious and sexy.

Okay, so once I got past all that and we got to our seats, the movie was ready to begin. What movie, you may ask? Do you have a free night this week? Do you feel like you haven't spent 10 dollars (or, as the Angelika likes to charge, 10.25...that extra quarter pisses the shit out of me) and gotten your money's worth in a while? Did you look at this year's list of Oscar contenders and, like me, say "I haven't seen any of those." If you're looking for remedies to any of this problem, Clint Eastwood has made it and its name is Million Dollar Baby, and it wants you to love it like it loves you. Eastwood is a master. If you haven't learned that from the thirty years in-between his spaghetti western acting days and his ultimate western, Unforgiven, it's time to see what the hubbub is all about.

I'm going to vaguely tell you what Million Dollar Baby is about, because you probably think it is a boxing movie. Eastwood, introducing a clip from the film at the Golden Globes said that he did not think of it as a boxing movie. To him, it is a film about people trying to make meaningful connections in a forlorn age. It's a story about people, and that's my favorite kind of story. It made me laugh out loud. It made me cry. It gave me chills. It made me wince. It made me want to make a movie, or create SOMETHING, and isn't that the most important one of them all? And if you've read in articles or heard from friends about what some people are calling the "plot twist at the end," trust me, I half-ruined it for myself by reading an article before seeing it and it did not matter one single bit. A plot twist is a plot twist when the director is trying to pull the wool over your eyes in some fantastic sense. What Million Dollar Baby does is bring an absolutely visceral story about two lost people to a climactic close that hurts so, so good.

Fast forward to Sunday night: after some Sapporo East (rocking the udon and the dragon roll), Lucy and I return to her apartment and decide to surf the cable box to see if anything is on. Boys Don't Cry is on. Hilary Swank is in front of me again. And I know I didn't say anything about her in my above rant about Million Dollar Baby, but she was ridiculously terrific. Not only was she completely her character, but she played off of Eastwood and Morgan Freeman so, so, so well. Ever watch a movie and feel like the performance someone is giving is a treat you should be thankful for? That's how I felt. Anyway, Boys Don't Cry came on, and I knew the whole true story it was based on, how it ended included, and that was part of the reason (combined with my dislike for Swank) that I had never felt the need to necessarily watch it before. But on the heels of Million Dollar Baby I was psyched as all hell to watch Boys Don't Cry, and

She did it to me again! She made me smile, laugh, wince, and cry. Not just the story, but HER. She is AMAZING. She is officially one of my favorite actresses of all time. I spent Saturday Morning rolling around in bed trying to get my head around everything Million Dollar Baby did to me, and I ended up spending Monday morning trying to understand all the emotions that her performance in Boys Don't Cry brought out in me. My mind has been extremely blown.

i don't mind not making sense

The rest of the weekend was a hodgepodge. Lucy's friend Lara visited from Penn State bringing her friend Jeremy along for the ride and after they got stonediddlyoned we headed over to Corner Bistro where the wait was an hour to get a table. After 40 minutes, we were mysteriously yanked up past the entire line and given a table, much to the chagrin of the party of a gazillion and another party of 4 or so in front of us, who persisted in giving us dirty looks for a while after we were seated. Once again, the Bistro blew away all its competition and a bacon cheeseburger never tasted so damn good. After that, Lucy got hooked up with some pigtails, we knocked back some tequila (I'm a pussy, I did half a shot), and headed over to 2A for a bit, then over to Library, and finally headed to B-Side where Lara and Jeremy cued up Willy Nelson after some Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie action.

The next day started with Veselka: 2 pancakes, 2 sunnyside-up eggs, 3 strips of damn good bacon, two pieces of toast and a whole lot of coffee. After that Mike the Amazing stopped by for a wonderful transaction and then Lucy, Lara, Jeremy and myself headed to Sam's so Lara could stock up on nugget. Sam's this aspiring actor dude who just graduated from NYU and used to live down the hall from Noah sir Champion. He hooked her up with a sweet deal as is his modus operandi and then we headed to Central Park only to get stuck in so much traffic it was ridiculous. Lara and Jeremy headed home and Lucy and I took a nighttime stroll through the Gates, which I really enjoyed the sight of, watched some ice skating, and then headed home for sushi and Boys Don't Cry. I spent Monday writing a paper and then filming Eileen's Real World audition videotape. Best of luck to her. I think I'm gonna make one myself, even though I wouldn't want to be on the Real World at all. But it'd be fun to see if I could wrap my life up in 5-10 minutes without mentioning marijuana once. Challenge!

the past it is a foreign country

First of all, before I throw the bits and bytes at you, I just need to get this out of the way cause everybody's gotta chime in right? At first, I was SHOCKED at Hunter S. Thompson's suicide. My gut reaction was "that sucks." But I don't know if I'm so right to think that. It sucks for me that he won't be making any more wonderful columns and books, and that he isn't part of the living collective unconscious anymore, sure, but the man did it on his own terms much like he lived the rest of his life. So, "There he goes. One of god's own prototypes."

-The sign of a dying ideology? Good.

-I am so guilty of this crime.

-So soldiers get to do ecstasy? Yeah, this seems fair.

-The Gates: The Sequel goes against typical sequel rules: it's smaller, less sensational . . .


  • At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    so maybe i should be a soldier then... seems like the only way to get what i want at this point

  • At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    RE: The Anglika, you forgot to mention that you can hear and feel the Subway trains roll under the place every 5-7 minutes. Otherwise you were right in line with my thinking!



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