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pitcher punditry

Yesterday could not have gone better, starting off in the most mundane fashion and ending in a burst of out-of-the-ordinary outrageousness. I sat at work doing a great load of nothing and pretending to a lot from 9 to 3:30, enough to fry any thinking man's brain. The highlight of the workday goes to Warren, our 70-something year old editor and consultant, who had given me a copy of Beck's Odelay a month ago which he found on the street, and a copy of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters a little while later since it was a little too funky for his tastes. Well yesterday morning I came in with a CD titled Thelonius Monk: With John Coltrane which I thought he would appreciate even more than I do (and besides, iPod and all that). A couple of hours after I gave it to him, Warren, a straight arrow straight out a time machine coming from the 1940's, comes up to me and puts his hand on my shoulder saying "Man, that CD's great. Makes me want to smoke a big fat joint! Hahahahaha!" That made my day. I knocked off early after skipping the option of a lunch hour and headed uptown.

fire on the green

I recall a Simpsons episode where Troy McClure says of Patty/Selma's lizard Jub-Jub, "He's everywhere you wanna be." That's how I feel about the Arcade Fire. After reading Good Times Roll earlier and learning that, a few hours after I write this, David Byrne will be performing with the Arcade Fire at Irving Plaza, I want to cry. BUT! Last night's show was goddamned great and absolutely makes up for what I may be missing today. It's 7 PM and I feel too hungover to go into any detail, and plus, if you click on the link from a few sentences ago you'll find that Jay has reviewed their show spectacularly. I was really glad to see them start off the show with Wake Up (the jam!) just like they did at their CMJ Mercury Lounge show, which was probably the best show I saw last year, Coachella aside.

After the show we hung outside with Uncle Mike and friends for a few moments and then headed over to Grassroots, the site of Kyle's Culkin mishap. The bar was feeling very low-key at this point in time though, and we were four of only a few people there at all. Double Beach Power, Daylen, and myself grabbed a table and Beach picked up a pitcher of Brooklyn Lager, and we began to play Pitcher Pundits on the topic of Coachella, Bonnaroo, and music festivals in general. After a while Daylen decided to retire for the night, but we made up for the missing person with another pitcher and a bowl of popcorn, and conversation shifted from music to sports, with Beach getting all Dashboard (copyright JGoodTimes 2005) about the Eagles and the Superbowl. After an hour of beer, popcorn, and the jukebox cheating us out of many of Johnny's selections, we called it a night. Lucy and I went back to her apartment, took an unnecessary lungful of smoke and then passed out until today, when our President is set to give an empty, pointless speech in a couple of hours. Enjoy.


  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger jayloose said…

    tumblehawk, i can confirm byrne last night. dana said it happened. i was on the couch, as many of us were... wishing. i couldn't watch much of that speech. i don't care for our president.

    thanks for the props.

  • At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm old as shit. 35 as of Monday. I've ssen some rock and roll moments. David Byrne doing Naive Melody to close a really good Arcade Fire show was a legit rock moment.

    That is the second copy of Odelay I have heard of people finding on the street. Coincidence?

    See you at the big rock show tonight.


  • At 11:51 AM, Blogger tumblehawk said…

    Seeing them cover Naive Melody with David Byrne watching was one thing...but I can't believe you got to see them perform it WITH him. Sounds truly amazing. See you later tonight.


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