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strange days

I've had two classes with this kid Jason. I just realized I included my blog address in an e-mail once and maybe he checks it out. Oh well. I'll just say it, cause I hate being fake. He is in one of the worst bands I have ever heard in my entire life, who were just signed to Type A Records last week, and I encourage you to listen to them on their website after reading the following quotes from him:

"I really believe the best bands get the biggest record deals."
"My band is making the most interesting music in New York today." [I act flabberghasted, and mention Interpol. He makes a jacking off motion and says] "...we're so much better than Interpol."
[When asked about any awesome band]"Yeah, I heard their single, they suck."
[lyrics from one of their songs:] "Love's a powerful thing, like a rat on a string."

So there you have it folks. Check out Eulogy over at their website, listen and weep. The music business needs a culkin.

the politics of phonetics

I learned that awful news in my Linguistics recitation where I also was flabberghasted at Jason's ability to be absolutely closed-minded about anything. We got into a big class philosophical discussion on this statement: "The human brain is capable of creating an infinite number of sentences and comprehending them." He could not accept it. You know, the biggest annoyance here for me was that I feel like some thoughts I communicate are completely borne from the psychedelic drugs I've done, and they hit people like brick walls no matter how good the point is. How would you feel if I said this in class in front of you:

"The universe is infinite, and I believe that the part is just as great as the whole. Therefore, the entire universe is essentially contained inside the human mind as abstract concepts we can never truly understand, but, bit by bit we can concretize these abstract concepts into language, and art, and sentences. Therefore, since the infinite is inside our minds, we can create an infinite number of representations of the infinite."

I think only Tony got what I was saying, and I wanted to slam my head against my desk. Jason said that if you wrote an endless sentence, like "He was an old old old (repeat old forever) man" that it would no longer make sense because no one would comprehend it. I pointed out that this was like a tree falling in the forest with no one around, and that we're pompous enough as humans to think it might not make a sound just because our sorry selves aren't around to hear it. To which some girl replied "That's not a brilliant analogy." Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Fucking people!

rad zapping

After that exercise in stopping myself from screaming at the top of my lungs I went over to Lucy and Eileen's to get the important part of the day, the night, started. We got a big ol' bottle of Bombay Sapphire and mixed up some gin and tonics. Ani rolled in to watch the OC with us once again and it was awesome to have Eileen there to watch it with us. Usually she works on Thursdays and we have to tape it for her. She whipped up some pasta with vodka sauce and gave me a sizable helping of it which was sweet.

Larry wonders why I watch the OC and last night's episode I wish he could have seen. Pure entertainment. Like the good old days when I could watch TV without analyzing it for how it fucks with your brain, back when I could watch something and just laugh or arch an eyebrow. Seth's the best character, he makes me laugh a lot. And I hope Alex and Marisa stay together, cause that's one gorgeous lesbian couple. Woah, listen to me, I sound weird.

After the OC Lucy and Eileen and myself headed over to Rothko, parting ways with Ani who went to meet up with her sister. A band called Lucy was opening up for Hockey Night and we thought we'd catch the tail end of their act. Much to our chagrin, we got there at 10:40 and they were just taking the stage.

Lucy is the worst band ever. Lucy deserves to be burned alive. Lucy made Eileen so nauseous that she went home and went to sleep. Lucy herself, the lead singer, deserves the kind of Culkin action I heard Action got this past weekend - though 4 in 2 minutes is frankly too few for her. Her guitarist girlfriend sucked a big one, the drummer was a douche, and the bassist was just harmless enough for me to not rag on him. But for being in Lucy, he is condemned to eternal damnation. Worst. Band. Ever.

By the time they were done with their "performance," which consisted of shitty punky 50's-infused bad imitation rock and roll, I was thoroughly fed up with Rothko, but able to realize that was just because the first band I ever saw there was now one of the worst bands I had ever seen in my life. Thank goodness Beach and Daylen rolled in soon after that which was good for the ol' cheering-up. Then Hockey Night took the stage.

Those Canadian fuckers [note: Johnny pointed out their from Minnesota. Same shit, different state.] were Absolutely Fucking Awesome. If Lucy gets 1 out of 100, Hockey Night seriously gets like a 92. They non-stop rocked. Iw as wondering how their album would translate to a live show, and well, it didn't. I don't think they played a single entire song off of Rad Zapping and it didn't matter one bit, though certain lyrics and guitar parts were definitely lifted from the excellent LP. They were comprised of two drummers, two guitarists, and one bassist, and were arranged in perfect symmetry on the stage. At their most rocking-out moments the bassist would serve as the anchor while the guitars would either double solo or one would play complementary riffs to the other's screaming high-frequency rockoutfreakouts. The drummers were perfectly in sync, and everyone on stage seemed to be sincerely enjoying what they were doing IMMENSELY. And that counts for a lot, ya know? They had a total Pavement vibe around them, but not Pavement-imitation, just Pavement-inspired-esque. The lead singer's lyrics are especially Malkmussy though his delivery is all his own. He would pump his fist in the air to get the crowd rocking and the space between people and the stage, and between people and other people, kept on tightening as the set went on.

I had to sit down when they had three songs left cause it was fucking hot in Rothko and I was dead tired, but I still managed to stay awake and nod my head to their pure and unadulterated rock. But once the show was over and Lucy, Beach and Daylen were getting ready to head over to Del's party at Micky's Blue Room, I had to pull a Belin. Remembering that last week I ended up wasted at 4 AM and coming in to work unfathomably late, I went home and worked on a mix for Ani a little bit and then hopped into bed for a solid night's sleep. Good boy.

bitz and bytez

-Regarding my prison rant yesterday, read this article!

-And Kudos to Adam for summing up all my problems with writing in one paragraph:

PyrusNeoptolemus: seems like you have an overexposure to
inspiration too... too many great things to see, read, hear, taste,
experience in the city and not enough time to channel any of it


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