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frankly, here's friday through monday

Friday was the dullest day in the history of days, friends. I went to work from 10-5, and then I returned uptown, showered, caught some Chipotle action with Lucy and Nika, and then Lucy and I wandered around the LES trying to pick a bar to drink in but eventually realizing that for no reason we were both in a gloomy-let's-not-do-anything-but-mope mood. After lots and lots of nothing, I went to sleep while Lucy went home with a six-pack of Magic Hat.

Saturday was a completely different story. Saturday was marked by 4 completely distinct events, each holding their own degree of awesome significance:

#1 - I spent easily six hours cleaning my apartment top to bottom. I put cleaning off for a long time and end up doing it about two times a year and giving it my all when I finally give it anything. After gathering enough dust to choke a small country (anyone reading this is like - you used that line already saturday night) and spending half an hour on my shower alone (you don't want to know), I was thoroughly pooped. I had a great soundtrack though, sweeping and scrubbing to the tunes of Asobi Seksu, Lali Puna, RANA, Neil Young and Talking Heads' Fear of Music. Neil Young was important on saturday, because you see -

#2 - while rocking out to ZUMA and dusting off my bookshelves, Ani's friend's friend stopped by and hooked me up with 4 little buddies the likes of which I haven't seen since Nov. 1st, 2003, the night Lucy and I saw a dead body outside the Mercury Lounge and ended up wandering around the city madly for a few hours. ROCK. ROCK ROCK ROCK. We talked about the awesomeness of Neil Young for a bit, and then Mike went on his way. Soon, finally, the cleaning was done, and little bits of jesus were sitting in my freezer, and I met up with Lucy for the first time in the day to head over to Yuca Bar. If you haven't been to this place you're missing out big-time. I wolfed down the amazing Latin Burger, helped Lucy out with her second happy-hour mojito, and then it was time for the Champion.

#3 - as usual, an awesome show by the Sam Champion crew. We got to Luna Lounge in time to catch the tail end of Frank Bango's set and met up with Matt-and-Cheese, his entourage of Belgians, Kabir who I always run into through NYU people, Jay, Builder, Johnny, Ramie, etc, etc, etc. The place was fucking packed to see Noah and co. rock out, the crowd spilling out into the bar-room and people literally pushing their way to the front to get a better view of Noah's muppets-esque stage presence. Lucy pointed out the muppet-bounciness and from that point on I couldn't help but think of Gonzo everytime he went apeshit on his guitar. Scott from RANA joined them on stage for Neil Young's Vampire Blues, and it was as if Neil's soul had possessed Noah. I was really impressed by the fact that Noah didn't seem like a jackass without a guitar in his hands, cause that happens to so many frontmen who put down their instruments for just one song. Way to go Noah. I couldn't help but grin at the new significance Neil Young had taken on throughout the day. The set wrapped up with Cheadlebug, which is so far the best song of 2005 and makes want to see Hotel Rwanda.

#4 - Afterwards, we made our way over to the Loose Record afterparty at Hanger Bar, where Builder and Jay spun more Talking Heads than me on acid. -Zing!- It was a great gathering of folks: 3/4 of RANA, Ramie, Matt G, Say Hi to My Eric and more. Ramie got to see Lou Reed open for U2. What the good-god-fuck, man! Anywho, the PBR flowed on and on, The Faint got about as much airtime as David Byrne, and there was much tattoo-talk. I'm pretty sure I'm getting this done on my wrist, in black ink:

Homeward-bound with Say Hi to My Eric tagging along on his way to the L train, we ran into Beach and Daylen who were on their way to Hanger Bar from the Jens Lekman show at Mercury. We chatted it up for a while down the block from Two Boots, which made me really want Pizza, but they were closed. Bastards. Then, !, the night was over.

Sunday I woke up and peeked inside my freezer, wondering if it was all a dream. Eileen dropped by on her way to work, and she peeked inside too, squealing with delight immediately thereafter. Literally, she SQUEALED WITH DELIGHT! She also lent me 5 bucks, she rocks, and with that five bucks I went to Veselka and grabbed 2 Sunnyside-Up Eggs, homefries, white toast, and three humongous strips of crispy bacon. I ate this delicious breakfast in the comfort of Lucy and Ei's apartment, where I pretty much live, while watching Total Recall. It reminded me of growing up with channel 11's weekend movies. One day of comedies or family dramas, and one day of straight-up action-movies. Total Recall is such an awesome movie and Arnold Schwarznegger rules. If they change the rules and he runs for president, he will get my vote without a moment's hesitation. Schwarzenegger/Beach '12!!!!!!!!!

So Arnold kicked some ass while I did my Linguistics homework and then I laid around the girls' apartment for a long time reading A Farewell to Arms, which is a pretty wonderful read. I also listened to three discs' worth of RANA that Ramie had been generous enough to give me at the Sam Champion show, all three encompassing their 12.30.04 show at the Tribeca Rock Club. Which meant that I got to hear Vampire Blues all over again. Rock!

Lucy had been gone all day at a bridal shower for the girl getting married to her cousin in Mexico. She came back in the evening and we rented Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, which I had never seen and had always been reluctant to see. What is wrong with me?! While I still think the opening 5 minutes or so are almost too over-the-top, the film on the whole was wonderful. Too many filmmakers today don't understand how to modernize an older or ancient text. You can't just put the story IN modern times, you have to make it relevant to modern times while still preserving the essence of the story itself. Luhrmann does this, and also manages to perfectly cast each and every role, straight from the Prince to Romeo and Juliet to Juliet's father. Way to go Luhrmann. Too bad Moulin Rouge kind of sucks my left nut. Make another good movie! You've got talent, buddy!

week one: complete

Monday was the one-week marker of my three-week foray into herbal sobriety. Say that six times slow. After class I picked up a heart-shaped Valentine's Day cake from Blackhound and headed over to 418 to hang out with Lucy and Ei for a bit. When Ei went off to class Lucy and I picked up our personal choices for Valentine's take-out and she chewed down some Yaffa salad roughage while I gorged myself on Banjara's Murg Tikke Masala and a whole lot of nan. Dinner finished just in time for the greatest TV event of the year:

Maybe you're like my sister Nika and you think I can't possibly be serious about ignoring the rest of the world and watching dogs on TV for three hours - but if you are, then you, like her, are missing out on one of the greatest annual events humanity has ever orchestrated. I love dogs so damn much and if you do too, then grab a beer, or grab a bong, or just grab a bowl of popcorn, and sit back and enjoy the show. You missed a lot of good ones last night, but you can still catch part 2 of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show tonight, including the ultimate event, the Best in Show competition that will wrap up the evening. Of the four winners from last night's groups, three were particularly awesome: the Pyrenees, the Pekingese, and the Norfolk Terrier who goes by the name of Coco! Catch the rest of the excitement tonight, on the only place where you'll hear the word BITCH on television All! Night! Long! WOOOOOOO!


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