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everyone deserves to DIE!

with dignity, that is. Isn't this case related to this case, to an extreme degree? It seems to me this country's views on suicide and the death penalty are both highly convoluted. Michael Ross, the serial killer in one of the aforementioned articles, is an interesting case because here we have a man who (at least for a long time) has insisted he wants to die, to put the minds of his victim's families to rest. Now (in a move brought on by a desire to protect his lawyer's bar license) he is having his mental "competency level" reviewed to see if he can really make that judgment about himself, that he wants to die. I've heard this man speak, and I don't think we can doubt his competency even if he did strangle and rape a number of women years ago. There's a fine line between incompetency and insanity.

With the Golden Gate Bridge story - come on. Look at the first line of that article: "San Francisco officials are again grappling with an issue as old as the Golden Gate Bridge: how to stop people from killing themselves by jumping off the city's most famous landmark." They're intiating a study into erecting an "anti-suicide barrier." What the good god fuck? This has nothi9ng to do with preventing people from killing themselves, it has everything to do with not assocating sad/bad things with a national landmark. If someone wants to kill themselves, they're going to do it. The problems are at the bottom, not at the end of the road when the person is standing over a body of water waiting to plunge themselves into oblivion. This is the type of senseless reaction I will never understand - building a physical wall to stop people from committing suicide. Argh. It seems that the interest is more about protecting onlookers from emotional scarring than it is about the people who want to kill themselves.

the luckiest guy on the lower east side

Well I booked my flight to Coachella along with Lucy last night, so once Saturday rolls around it's all set. In fact, (almost) every day of this coming week has some sort of landmark event tied into it:

Tuesday: The Arcade Fire @ Webster Hall (after the show catch them on Conan)(thanks Jay)
Wednesday: get excited for . . .
Thursday: RANA @ Tribeca Rock Club Pt. 3
Friday: Rogue Wave, Dirty on Purpose, Sam Champion @ Mercury Lounge
Saturday: Coachella Tickets Onsale
Sunday: (9th St. Market) Eagles Win the Superbowl (Boca Chica)

Lookin' good, lookin' good. Meanwhile:

-Dr. Alexander Shulgin synthesized MDMA and gave birth to the drug known as ecstasy, and has spent a great majority of his life researching thousands and thousands of psychedelic substances in a cobweb-ridden shack behind his house.

-ProductshopNYC has this link to a really interesting article on Beck's Scientology streak. But hey, I guess if I think people should be allowed to commit suicide if they want, that everybody's free to join whatever shady cult they want.

-Terrell Owens prepares to show that the age of dissent is alive and well when the Eagles crush the Patriots this weekend.

-Cheech's better half hasn't smoked pot in two years.

-De Rosa, my erstwhile roommate from the Carlyle days, reports to me that he hears rumors left and right that people along the lines of Isaac Mizrahi are attempting to buy the L.E.S. wholesale, incluing Mercury Lounge and Luna Lounge. The first half of that sounds believable, but the second half sounds like bullshit, but I'd love to know if anyone else has heard anything of the sort...(and the only thing that prompted me to put this up here is the fact that Jay's reporting Tonic bowing out of the biz.)


  • At 2:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mizrahi- no relation to the fashion designer. In fact, I have no idea who this other mizrahi is.


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