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Usually if I used that for the title of a section of a post there would be newsbytes but this is to tell you to come to:

Micky's @ Ave. C between 10th and 11th @ 10 PM

to see DJ Del spin a set in a bar that has none other than beloved Magic Hat. Joining him on the decks tonight will be none other than Lucy and myself, and as the result of a half-drunken conversation at the Mercury Lounge, we'll be going by the name of DJ Kibbles & Bits. Apparently.

happy rooster

This is nice. I'm sitting at work, where the windows run from waist height to the high ceilings and look down over City Hall Park (once you get past the scaffolding that seems to have been here forever, that is). iPod hooked up to the computers speakers, Explosions from the Sky makes the grayness of this dreary cubicle quite fit with all the little raindrops flicking gently against the glass and makes me feel quite godlike as I watch the little beetles in their three-piece suits go scurryscurry all across the plaza, covering their heads with newspaper. I wonder if the papers will be legible when they get to their cubicles. Will they read them, and when they do, will they realize how sickeningly close we are to nuclear fucking holocaust? Will they realize the world went mad long ago, and continues to go madder with each passing day? That everything they do at work, pushing buttons, sending memos, chatter at the coffee machine, is putting all their energy in the wrong place? But then again, what am I doing? Writing this down here. Hm.

Where could all this be coming from? Only one place. My Contemporary British Culture class is in our early Cold-War Period, and I've just spent two days reading 1984 for only the second time. While I'm a big fan of Huxley's Brave New World, it's undeniable that 1984, as a dystopian novel, is much more functional in waking you up to the horrors-that-could-be. While Brave New World is more concerned with the emergence of rampant consumerism as the driving force of a sickly hierarchized society and the dilution of love as a a threat to the individual, the individual still exists in a sense. Orwell's vision is a world where individuality itself is a crime. Doing something for your own enjoyment, or being alone at all, is erratic. What's fantastic about Orwell is that he manages to drape you in this dreary fog and doesn't do it with characters, or plot, or even theme. It's the darkness of his language that puts you right in the midst of the gloom of 1984. I'm starting to understand that what I say is not as important as how I say it.

Anyhow, next to 1984, Brave New World is a shitshow blast. Have sex with whoever you want, recieve a daily ration of powerful hallucinogenic drugs, go see porn movies where scents that trigger sensation and color are pumped into the theater, and play games all the time. Wonderful.


Days like this make me work very little. I peruse music websites, blogs, discussions over at Kos, and manage to get very little done beyond ensuring the day has a great soundtrack. Not much to write in regards to yesterday - there was class, then a gin and tonic with Lucy and Matt, then Lucy and I headed to Sapporo East to celebrate the first day of the Year of the Rooster with some udon and the best fucking dragon roll in the city.

After that we made a last-minute decision to take in some rock and thanks to the generosity of the Beach were able to head on over to Mercury Lounge to catch Like Yesterday and a bit of Army of Me. We'd seen Like Yesterday once before, and they're fronted and drummed for by dudes from Actual Proof, who I always hear great things about. I vaguely remembered them being dark and good, Like Yesterday that is. Anyhow, both bands were swimming in a mire of mediocrity from which I doubted they would ever lift themselves. In a way, even though I liked Like Yesterday's tunes better, Army of Me was a little better in that they dealt out some standard Bends-ish rock without any pretention - something Like Yesterday is nearly oozing with. We returned to Lucy and Ei's apartment, where I couldn't help but think about the fact that if this was last Wednesday, I'd smoke a bowl before going to bed. Instead, I went home, cleaned my bathroom sink, and went to bed.

eat me drink me read me

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- Kudos to Larry for this fucking sweet-ass link. No pun intended.


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