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Were you on the couch as bored as I was last night, wishing that your drink was twice as strong as Bush went on and on and on in his eerie 1984-esque style of political speechmaking? Didn't it all sound so great, so ideal. KUDOS to the Democrats for booing his proposals for social security. How often do we hear boos during a State of the Union Address? Really, that was an amazing moment. Gave me chills.

As much as I deplore the situation in Iraq and everything that got us in there, there is no denying the sentimental power of this image (minus Laura "FreakFace" Bush):

For those of you who weren't watching and are wondering who the huggers pictured above are, it was a strange moment in the speech when the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq, a marine to be specific, hugged with an Iraqi woman who had been fighting the good fight against Saddam Hussein for about 20 years and whose father had been killed by Hussein's assassination squads. Propaganda during State of the Union? Yes. But truly epic? Yes, we have to admit.

Meanwhile, in my last bit of political commentary, I'd like to point you: here. Alberto Gonzales, once the legal counsel for Enron during their shadiest days, and also the judge that told the Bush administration it's ok to torture terrorist detainees because they don't have basic human rights. He is about to be your new Attorney General. This is probably unstoppable. But symbolically, all Democrats should be voting "no" in the Senate when this topic comes up. Yet Sen. Salazar is voting "yes" and the link earlier in this paragraph leads to a fascinating read comparing Salazar's ridiculously naive opinions ont he subject with Sen. Durbin's much more realistic and frank view of the facts. Read the post, sign a petition, do something.

. . . but RANA's fuckin' hot!

I feel like The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is coming out after this, there's nothing left to live all this time and emotion I've given over is going to come collapsing crashing down on top of me. But then again, I'm sure RANA will play again soon...but still, tonight's show has got me revved the fuck up. This is also partly due to my fervent anticipation of televised lesbian delight. Say that three times fast - or just say cunnilingus and be done with it.

Post All-Girl-Tonsil-Hockey you best all be sure to cruise on down to Tribeca Rock Club for not just RANA's unique brand of rock but also DJ Logic, and perhaps even get to see the birth of a lovechild between the two. If you missed out on the first two weeks, don't fall even further behind. You know you want it.


-If you haven't gotten excited about the new Nine Inch Nails album yet, but you love Dave Grohl, check out how psyched he sounds about it.

-Larry offers you the most disturbing link of a lifetime.

-Beloved Petra is out of the hospital! Amen.

-ProductshopNYC pointed me to this HILARIOUS Op-Ed. (All those of you too lazy to register for access to the NYTimes website, get on top of that already, it's free and you get to read the whole fucking newspaper AND magazine for FREE.)

Remember. RANA.


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