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i likes it automatic

RANA's three week residency came to a climactic close last night. The sick jams and a packed crowd immediately made for an awesome atmosphere as Lucy, Ani and I cruised in post-OC. We arrived just as DJ Logic was finishing up his opening slot with Scott accompanying on guitar and picked up a couple of tanqueraytonics while waiting for the show to start. Not seeing anybody we knew, we formed a defensive huddle in the middle of the floor until RANA finally stormed the stage and dove right into the swing of things. Soon after the set began I looked over and got mighty psyched to see Jay leaning against the near wall. Many times has the man tenderly asked for hugs in his blog and I'd like to testify on his behalf that hardly anybody gives as good a one as he does. Ani and I debated whether to puff or not and a friendly local weatherman settled the argument by leaning over to ask if I had any grass. We rocked the downstairs with Noah, Jay and Sean Bones (along with DJ Logic and Official Floozy) and surfaced to a changed world.

The past two Fridays I've lamented the fact that I know no song names for RANA, but really, who gives a fuck. They've got such a consistent sound and yet each song manages to have its own personality and I know what the song is as soon as it starts by nothing more than feeling. Highlights were the We Will Not Be Lovers cover, the awesome new jam featuring the Beach cameo and Matt giving me many chills while singing about being older as well as the entire opening out-of-control jam session that kicked off the second set. I don't know about anybody else but I personally couldn't figure out just what DJ Logic was putting into it though. Something about this show on a whole was the perfect close to a three-Thursday run. The packed crowd gave it an extra intensity and was it just me or was all the keyboarding particularly awesome throughout the whole night? Once second set wrapped up a couple of hip-hoppers took the stage and Ani and I were just not feeling it. Luckily Lucy leaned over just then to let me know that it was Corner Bistro time.

None of the three of us had ever been there and Beach took it upon himself to initiate our deflowering. We hopped in a cab and headed through the West Village maze, and I was confounded until Johnny started oohing and ahhing at the bright neon Bistro lights. Holy fucking shit what a burger. While Beach continuously declared his wastedness we waited for our food: three bacon cheeseburgers, three cheeseburgers, one grilled cheese, five orders of fries, and three beers later we were all stuffed, and Beach was still wasted and let the record show that he damned the name of tequila on more than one occasion. We headed back East and decided it was probably time to call it a night. So we did.

the world is full of crashing bores

-We can think of the U.S. as a stubborn, puerile teenager at this point in its existence...the kind of kid that never learned to share in Kindergarten.

-And that appoints Attorney Generals in favor of torture. Here's an NYTimes OpEd from the Editorial staff explaining why this is so stupid.

-This cracks me up. Dokken. hahahahaha!

-Echo and the Bunnymen putting out a new album? points out they'd probably fit in pretty well with this year's Coachella.

-Free movies or something. Unfortunately, it's chick flick month.

-Joe Perry seems like a douchebag. I'm just saying is all.

-Lucky for us, there are better Perries in this world.


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