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a thunderous thursday

There are a few bands that I can think of who I would love to see anytime at all. If they threw a weekly party I doubt I'd ever get sick of them. !!!'s a prime contender. RANA's a no-brainer. Thursday night they offered up another rocking set and I was glad to have Ani on hand to expose her to the RANA goodness. As I've said before, I don't know the names of more than a few RANA songs but the absolute turning point of the show was when, before a song, Matt announced that the about-to-be-played jam was dedicated to someone named Allie and her travels. At some point the song unmistakably shifted into a jam that everyone knew would be absolutely sick. Ramie walked by and said something to the tune of here it goes, here it comes, now it starts, either way all I knew was he was excited and I was excited and Ani gave me the "yes, I too am finally excited" nod. Hook, line, and sinker. Couple of highlights were the Buzzcocks cover and the fact that this show started where the last one ended - with the new song Charm Bracelet, probably one of my favorite RANA songs.

After the show Lucy, Ani, Johnny, Action and myself reconnoitered outside and attempted to squeeze five people into a cab. We filed into our first try , at which point the cabbie started the meter, and then turned around and very slowly counted the number of people in the backseat. That jive-talkin' bastard wouldn't have any of it, and proceeded to eject us from his damn cab. Luckily our next dude was ultra-friendly and ultra-willing to break this silly little law. In celebration, we cruised over to Around the Clock for a 2 AM pigout. This, friends, was ridiculous. Starting off with a huge plate of loaded nachos and hummus with whole wheat pitas for the whole table, I followed things up by ordering a Belgian Waffle, 2 Sunnyside Up Eggs, and a side of Crispy Bacon. All that plus one of Ani's mozzarella sticks and I was stuffed till Friday afternoon. Action skipped off like a little girl to catch a cab and we parted with Beach a few blocks later. One bowl later I was out like a light and calling in sick to work the next day. Sweet.

aw geez, ya

Friday I met up with Lucy and Ani, who had slept over down the block at Lucy and Eileen's. We got some Dunkin' Donuts, smoked, watched the new Beck video (thank you Jay, Hell Yes! I say) and hung out till Ani caught a train home, at which point Lucy and I decided it was time for some fresh air. We walked all the way to Dylan Prime also known as my favorite steakhouse ever, where Eileen was working the dining room on one of her first shifts ever as a server. She hooked us up with some rockin' gin and tonics and a couple of rolls that reminded me that everything, EVERYTHING at Dylan Prime is top-notch, right down to the fucking bread. At that point we cruised back up town to rent Fargo and grab some pad thai.

Fargo, for those of you who don't know, is one of the Coen Bros' best outputs of their pretty prolific career. It's a beautifully told story that's about nothing short of human nature. Steve Buscemi pulls out all the stops as usual in a role perfectly suited to him, while William H. Macy works his nervous nerve up to a peak performance. And yet the actor doing the most striking job the entire way through the film is, in my opinion, Frances McDormand, someone I wish I saw more on the big screen. To the untrained eye her role in the film might seem a little tame, and almost easy, but she's a master of what she doesn't say. Her body language just astounds me, and the simple wisdom of her character, a pregnant cop in the frosty northern midwest, makes you really appreciate what the Heartland of America is supposed to be about. I think it's time to continue this Coen Bros. kick and rent Barton Fink.

Now, homework, The Sun Also Rises, and Brideshead Revisited. So long.


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