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As people across the world muse over the Coachella flyer over and over again, it's time to step back and really assess some 5 Good Reasons Why You Need to Go to Coachella This Year. Ignore all the hubbub about this year's lineup not being able to match up to last year's; if you went around thinking about things in those terms, you'd drive yourself crazy. It's not even a matter of "topping" things anyway - a festival should stay true to the roots it was built on and not just set its sights on grabbing the biggest names to top itself, and this year Coachella definitely seems to do that with a random hodgepodge..

(Uno). Breakfast Buffet>Joshua Tree

2. Jay Belin gets Culkined just as the words "say it ain't so" belt out across the desert.

three. spoon/MF Doom/Radio 4/Four Tet/Secret Machines/Mercury Rev/Bloc Party/Raveonettes/Sage Francis/Wilco/Weezer/Coldplay!

IV. Shout Out Louds/Futureheads/Fiery Furnaces/British Sea Power/The Arcade FireThe Faint/Black Star/Bright Eyes/Prodigy/New Order/Nine Inch Nails!



  • At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    bring it on. tumble, i don't know if i'll be there, but dammit i'm trying.

    i'll keep you posted.

  • At 1:38 PM, Blogger tumblehawk said…

    Oh, you're crafty, anonymous. Real crafty.


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