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I don't know quite why this on my mind today, since I don't have the album myself and haven't copied it from Lucy yet, but if you haven't heard the Hockey Night album Rad Zapping yet, you're missing out bigtime. Last year we were all treated to the Unicorns' awesome Who Will Cut Our Hair When We Die? which was easily the most random CD I'd come across in a long time. Hockey Night takes the word random and makes a religion out of it. If this line from Pitchfork's too-poorly-scored review doesn't get you excited...well, I know Jay will appreciate it: "For you see, Hockey Night, the conceptual outfit of one Paul Sprangers, skips from genre to genre like little kids playing hopscotch." One minute guitars are thrashing, the next we've got Canadian whiteboy rap about Space Cakes and mushrooms, next thing you know you're lost in a trippy ambient instrumental, or listening to what sounds like black girls in a schoolyard singing jump-rope songs. And if you're willing to shell out the big bucks for the actual CD instead of sniffing out a friend's copy, the album art will NOT disappoint. Also, I'm pretty sure the words "Desert Culkin" show up on one of the tracks.

diamond dawgs

Last night after returning home, a pathetic scene ensued involving me, resin, and a lot of keyboard playing. I've been having a lot of fun spending any free few minutes I have trying to compose some random electronic little ditties, and last night I got too spaced out for my own good and ended up nearly giving myself a headache. So I leaned back in my seat and decided to tell iTunes to put my entire Bowie library on shuffle and see where I ended up. After skipping some Station to Station in hopes of something more upbeat, I found myself leaning forward inbetween my left and right speakers and closing my eyes while the song Rock and Roll With Me off of Diamond Dogs rocked my world. The last time I can even remember listening to that song so closely was a year and a half ago when Lucy and I came back from a steak dinner in Vancouver to our hotel room's balcony where we split a pair of headphones and a fat fat doobie. Time is a weird, weird thing.

Anyway, I got to thinking about it, and many people seem to think that Diamond Dogs is a blip in Bowie's career, an unfortunate failure nipping at the heels of such predecessors as Aladdin Sane and, of course, Ziggy. Essentially Bowie's version of 1984 (since the Orwell estate refused to give him the rights to adapt the novel into an album - yes, he really asked to), Diamond Dogs sees Bowie flexing his concept album muscle to the max, giving us a jazzy horn-filled barren landscape of the future. Bowie places himself in the roll of Halloween Jack (a real cool cat), who's up against the big bad businessmen, the Diamond Dogs. Bowie's downfall at times in his career is forgetting his innate ability to entertain and trying too hard. Well, he definitely tries very very hard on Diamond Dogs but in overshooting the mark, he manages to hit it spot-on, if that makes any sense whatsoever. So if you haven't listened to the double D for a while, I suggest you break it out and give it a spin.


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