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how i learned to tan, et al.

Let's get one thing straight - though you may see me after today sporting reddened skin and a healthy Carribbean afterglow, there is nothing about the feeling of sunrays soaking into my skin that doesn't freak me out. There's something absolutely eerie about basting yourself and then roasting out in the sun, literally baking yourself in the oven of the earth. But this time I just couldn't resist. Lucy and I, along with Nika and her friend Shupes, joined my dad and his great friend Martin at a house they'd rented in the Dominican Republic, and though when the sun was out it was in full force, we had to deal with multiple daily rains. Which made me so hungry for heat that I couldn't help laying out in the sun and doing absolutely nothing but getting color. Well, I'll admit it, I kind of enjoyed it.

mr. savage

The vacation kicked off beautifully, beautiful weather, German people, pool, terraces, fresh food, fried eggs every morning, and I dug into Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, which made me think - George 1984 Orwell who? Bah! I bet Huxley's book gets the short shrift because he went from writing awesome novels to writing Doors of Perception, his excellent description of his first foray into the world of mescaline. But anyway, Brave New World's awesome and I recommend it to everyone who, like me, has nightmares of a world where everyone's the same, there's no mobility, and you're defined as good or bad by your contributions to consumerism.


If you want a homemade caipirinha, ask me. The reviews were rave.

mrs. dalloway

Then my dad's friend Lida arrived. She's from Russia and just really awesome. She gets the credit for all these wonderful photos (though more will be posted when I get my grubby paws on Nika's camera). All was well in the world, things were dandy, my dad was cool. Then his girlfriend came, and well....anyway, let's just say if I already loved Mrs. Dalloway in a number amount of 1 Million, then I loved it 1 Million more than I loved that annoying ?girl? Here's another picture.


That's where spent the bulk of our time. We were definitely stranded in the villa since we had no access to our own car, but that wasn't really a bad thing.

benjy, quentin, jason and dilsey

Junior year of high school I got second prize (Larry of Travails of the Astounding won first) in a Poe recitation contest after doing my reading of The Raven, which I'd memorized in its entirety and recited quite glumly, staring blankly ahead of myself while dressed in a black turtleneck, black pants, and black shoes. I used to be cheesily depressed all the time. Anyway. The prize was a leatherbound edition of William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury which I finally got around to reading, five years later, on this vacation. And holy fucking shit. The human mind is a difficult thing to mirror on paper, but....he did it. I change the description of this blog in homage to Faulkner's inspiration.

The whole vacation was dotted through and through by all this awesome reading, which is all I can bring myself to really talk about since what really happens on a carribbean vacation? There's just keywords: rum, Presidente, limes, rice, beans, fish, paddleball, tennis, pool, swim, beach, drunk, Scrabble, WTF, looking through a window by chance and seeing my dad having sex, subsequently being scarred for life, pushing Lucy into the pool, pushing Nika into the pool, driving 120 miles per hour down potholed Dominican roads and speeding up for speedbumps (Martin did the driving). Here, and that's that for now:



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