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everybody's making love or else expecting snow

What a dark and dismal day to be American. Join in on Jay's call to arms and be sure to say Fuck Bush to yourself out loud today. It's the kind of weighted sentence that, if you say it outside, will probably turn the fog leaving your mouth into the words themselves. Maybe. Not making any promises, though.

What is the point of this website?


the greatest accomplishment of my life up to this moment, rocking Super Smash Bros. on acid aside, would have to be the awesomeness of the iPod (name: Jasper Jenkins) playlist entitled .walking. It's called .walking cause that keeps it right at the top of the list and it's chock full of 202 songs that always keep the feets a-moving, and is always growing, and when I get to the pearly gates I'll plead my case to God that yeah, I've been mean to strangers on the street. Yeah, I completely ignored that freshman yesterday who was asking me for help getting somewhere in Main building. Yeah, I've toked and drank, but hey - everytime I walk out my door, the walking playlist just telepathically links up to my state of mind, my destination, and the journey between, to offer me the best random smattering of music I could ask for. Even on a 10 minute trip to get laundry, it led me out the door with Primitive Radio Gods' Standing By a Broken Telephone Booth... all the way to Sew Good Cleaners, and led me back with Morphine's Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer. Nice work, Jasper Jenkins. Nice work.

Modest Mouse and My Morning Jacket are going to be at Bonnaroo? My birthday's two days before that...hmm..

my last semester?!

For a while there it looked like graduation wouldn't come to me until August but now, it seems to be clearer and clearer that for me, May is the end. I was sitting in class on my first day yesterday when that hit me like a ton of bricks. I've got a plan for a year from July, but all the time inbetween is an out-of-focus question mark swimming in secret sauce. Suggestions are quite welcome. Class rundown: Faulkner/Hemingway should be awesome. Linguistics is a good time to sleep. British Culture since 1945 will be awesome considering the first day consisted of a discussion of The Office and my teacher blasting Common People on the stereo system. Only one left to go is Monday's later class, Children's Tales and Folklore. Pretty good last semester, looks like.


Renting Mario Tennis for GameCube Saturday. Looking for asses to kick - Belin's just gonna be way too easy.


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