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the rana

RANA is so fucking good. Last night they played a lengthy and rocking psychedelic set at the Tribeca Rock Club that slammed my brain like time travel. See, I had returned to the scene of the crime, my first ever RANA show. Back then, March 22nd or so I want to say it was, Lucy and I had just returned from our previous stint in the Dominican Republic (way to sound spoiled, tumblefuck), smokeless for 12 days, and wound up rather out of mind standing against the wall of the soundman's booth chasing beer with beer and falling head over heels with every song RANA played. I was officially hooked. The guys were on last night, playing some new tunes that sounded great and all the old favorites, and had some cool as hell segues going on between songs. It was a really jammy set which I was really appreciating and there were moments so purely psychedelic that I couldn't help but grinning uncontrollably. After disappearing downstairs with Action (the only familiar face in the crowd, you punks) and resurfacing to a changed world, there was a moment in one song (I know the names of maybe 4 RANA songs, names shmames) where Matt rose up over his keyboards, grabbed the mic in one hand and sang something to the effect of "Get on up here!" as his other hand shot out and pointed to the crowd. I felt like some great and mighty rock god had singled me out of the crowd and it was in that moment I felt lifted off my feet, and had to fight the urge to just run up on stage and do the tumblebang between Ryan and Joe Russo's twin drumming. But I think RANA only allows dancers in red speedos since the Perry Incident, and I wasn't properly equipped, so I passed. I'll be back next Thursday. And next Thursday. RANA is an awesome band.

the pizza

After the show Lucy, Eileen and I trudged back through the cold to their abode, stopping by at the East Village Pizza and Kebab (which I live directly above) to grab a couple of slices. Lucy went to the deli across the street while Ei and I went into the Kebab, where I've been friendly with all the workers since I first moved in to my apartment. Lately I've noticed on late walks home they don't really wave anymore. And one of them seems genuinely pissed for no reason. And last night - where was the love?! The guy behind the counter gave Eileen a real dirty look after she said he didn't have to heat up her pizza. Less work = dirty look?! And then he gave me an attitude when I said I wanted mine heated up. Everything's falling apart in my world! Not really, I just scored Interpol tickets for Radio City, yet another show for the ninth street team to rock.

the flotsam

-Larry over at the Travails of the Astounding has put together a top-notch collection of photos and articles to create the uber-anti-Bush-inauguration post. The best part is the little factoid about FDR. George W. Bush is such an asshole.

-These people get to fucking vote.

-Sometimes I really wonder why, when everything points without question to one person, they still plead not guilty.

-NME visited this blog and that's how they found out that Coachella is indeed April 30th and May 1st. Seriously. But anyway, in that article those ostentatious Brits give some credence to the notion that both Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand will be playing the festival, and also mention that The Killers will be there for the second year straight to make up for what they felt was a shitty show they put on. Boy are they right. I can't take anyone seriously if they're a singing a song that actually has the phrase "indie rock and roll" belted out ballad style. Also, something about the album title "Hot Fuss" just pisses me off.

-Queens of the Stone Age, Webster Hall, March 24th. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

the jetsam

Quick random ramble, go: So of course the first day I can buy the new Nine Inch Nails album, With Teeth, I'm going to, but I can't help but wonder if this'll just be the last straw. I used to love NIN to a sick degree. Imagine little tumbleweed, without a tumbleweed to speak of, banging his crewcut away at one of hisefirst big big shows, NIN at Madison Square Garden for the Fragile tour, crying his first concert tears during the final song, Hurt. It was a great show and when I heard Reznor recently say he was a little disappointed by the tour and wanted to put on a better show next time, it got me real revved up to see them the next time around. So I've been trying to listen to them more lately, and I feel like whereas I once loved the lyrics and enjoyed the music, I now think the music is fucking excellently crafted and the lyrics are 10th grade poetry or something. And add to this that Reznor recently commented that With Teeth will be a "more lyric-based album." Uh-oh. Well, no one's in the office right now. Time to blast Closer.


  • At 4:12 PM, Blogger Laurence O'Neal Suarez said…

    Three Doors Down - Eminem - Ozzy - 98% of KROCK
    THAT's 10th Grade poetry.

    "tried to save a place from the cuts and the scratches
    tried to overcome the complications and the catches
    nothing ever grows and the sun doesn't shine all day
    tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping away"

    It's no Walt Whitman, but Trent Reznor effectively conveys his turmoil without making you feel like little Angsty-Goth-Fuck. And what he at times lacks in lyrical sophistication, he makes up in execution. Shit, I wish there were more people who can rock as HARD and as earnestly as Reznor.

    Okay, so i read the article on the fetus killin' psycho. Here's the thing: I don't understnad the death penalty, no way no how. She kills one of us, we don't like killing, and so we kill her as a lesson to all other killers that killin is wrong.

    This kinda reminds me of the argument that in order to protect the American Family, gays shouldnt adopt or marry.
    It's been Backwards Day in America since 1492.


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