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The triumphant return to NYC was ushered in beautifully. Dinner at Boca Chica, some goods, some wine, American Psycho, and then two nights of music - first Asobi Seksu (rock), The Features (awesome), and Razorlight (boo.) at the Bowery and the next night The National at the Mercury Lounge. They were good but the frontman's voice was definitely suffering a little from sickness. But definitely a good way to immediately plunge oneself back into the comings and goings of citylife. After being marooned at that house, as relaxing as it was, walking felt real strange - we walked more the first night we were back here than on any three days combined in the Dominican Republic. Long live lethargy.

Belin owes me a shot at his Mario Tennis title after totally skipping out on halftime gametime in order to see the Jets go down in shitty-kicking flames in overtime against the Steelers on Saturday, after which I returned to Jackson Heights to see if I could cure my mom's computer and get Ani really baked. All things were achieved and Ani gave me my first proper viewing of Ali G, yeshemesh. I greep, and pool. Sunday saw the Eagles mutilate the Vikings which could mean only one thing - Chili's. Oveis won the MVP award for driving Beach, Lucy, Daylen and myself to Paramus, NJ for a Build Your Own Monster Burger Bash. The burger concoctions were sick, as Beach managed to skip the Awesome Blossom appetizer and put it right on his beef. After filling up to maniacal proportions there was only one logical thing left to do. Oveis caught on to our mischievous ways and managed to evade anything close to a Culkin, which lead to me really want to culking SOMEBODY. So I gave Lucy a fake joking sorta push, leading Johnny to literally hurl himself down into the parking lot grass behind her. Way to go down, Lucy, way to go down.

The three day civil rights weekend ended at Barcade for Mia's dirty thirty. I gotta say, while they definitely did have some awesome games to boast about, I've got a couple of major complaints to lodge. Super Mondo Complaint #1 - MS. PAC-MAN WAS DOWN! What a sorry excuse for an Arcade to have no working pac-man game whatsoever, and then to tease me, YES TEASE ME, with MS. PAC-MAN (so superior to original pac-man it ain't even funny), and then have it not working at all, shame on you Barcade, shame on you! I guess the only other thing I wanted, and I know Builder wanted too, was for the game selection to spill over into the early-to-mid-90's era. Where was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Simpsons, X-Men, and even Street Fighter? Would that get the kids too rowdy? God, I can only dream of a day when I've got a Magic Hat beside me as I'm kicking ass as Raphael. The drink rests between the machines, speaking of drinks - brilliant.

Today Lucy had her first day of school and I didn't have class at all. I woke up at 12:45, had two sunny-side up fried eggs, home fries, rye toast, and two cups of coffee at the counter at Veselka and then bought all my schoolbooks. It's fucking cold out. Winter sucks. The end. I'll write about something other than what I did with whom and where some other time when I feel like ruminating, and not tackling Lucy for her Game Boy Advance.


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