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When your aunt is your dentist, too, you have two reactions. First is - woah, weird, my aunt's hands are in my mouth poking around. The second is actually a bit of relief because you don't have to be so scared of either getting hurt or yelled at too much for not flossing. You'll still get scolded, but not made to feel like the dirt between your molars. What's funny though is that the conversation-while-you're-getting-scraped-and-cleaned is pretty much the same - how's school? when will you be done? what you gonna do afterwards? And, for once, the dentist seems to actually care about what the answers are!

I wonder if people wrapped up in tattoo culture feel an excitement spurred on by the buzzing of needles heard from the waiting room that is the exact inverse of the feeling of dread the buzz of a dentist's drill gives you as you breathe in the faint scent of fluoride and wonder how many cavities you just might have.


Are You Shpongled? is an amazing album, and totally worthy of the nod it gives to Jimi Hendrix's album of a similar name. You may want money, fame, or power. You may want drugs, or sex, or rock and roll. But no matter who you are, when you give it a try, you'll discover you always wanted to be Shpongled. Shpongle is Raja Ram and Simon Posford, and here's what their website has to say about their musical venture:

A multi-verse not very far away where queues and noise don't exist neither pain nor fear, scary faces or bad smells…just peace and pieces, and perfect weather :) Sucking the big toe of humanity, your armchair turns into an aural spacecraft, catapulting you through the veils of reality and consciousness into a psychedelic adult theme park: Sonar Ballistickle, Soma sucking cyber sorcerers floating weightlessly on the threshold of bliss, creating psycho-geometric, atomic telepathic shimmering incandescent dream dilations. This hybrid exotic seretonin drenched electro-plasmic dripping brain forest moves with endless hallucinogenic changing patterns while, unnoticed a million angels dance on a pinhead. Fun-Shui, Phrenological escapology; the divine moment of truth…the inevitability of the unexpected - the vortex of the cortex. Knowing what we don't know, while sampling the cosmos; from the darkness to the light; from the unreal to the real….from death to immortality... Let's Get Shpongled!

Shpongle's music mixes awesome electronic tribal beats and psychedelic sounds with Raja Ram's crazy drum playing, sitar playing, and flute-mastery. It is simply unbelievable - just ask me, and I'll Shpongle you in a second. The Shpongle website hasn't been updated in a long time but a visit to their record company, Twisted, shows that their third album 'Nothing Lasts' will be released early next year. Meanwhile, if anyone can help me get a hold of their second release, 'Tales of the Inexpressible,' well that would be just dandy ass fantastic.

A big thanks to the Shroomery for turning (me) on, tuning (me) in, and dropping (me) out to these guys.


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