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For all of you with some time to kill I've put together a few things you may want to take a look at:

Board of Education - it's really strange that these kinds of people still get into public office.

Mordechai Vanunu - I've just got a lot of respect for this guy for breaking out of his country's (Israel's) obsession with overreactive self-defense and spilling the beans...short little article on him.

Dena Schlosser and Doyle Davidson
- You'll need an login for this, so GET ONE! Free, and all you gotta do is sign up once. Anyway, what a pair of names these people have, and what a pair of fucked up characters.

Hmm... - This looks like one classy read...thanks Ash.

Casino Hijinx - Who needs Ocean's 12 with stories like this? Well, frankly, I do.

Last But Not Least - treats us to an article about what the Internet has done to music in general and jambands in particular. I'd recommend anyone read it and skip the phish-specific parts if you don't give a shit, but the guy makes some great points along the way. This happens to be the guy who creates the internet Phish community's system of tracking personal statistics of what shows you'd been to, and which songs you'd seen and which hasn't...and he's sort of admitting he contributed to the death of much goodness.

Hey, I'd also take a look at a link I added to the Tasty Morsels on the right side of the page, the link called "Greg the Boyfriend." The most amusing blog I've ever read. The most recent entry on Miguel is great.

let's all go to japan.

This semester sucks the big one school-wise. This is how it's been for the past three semesters or so though. Excited about class in the first month, coasting in the second, losing interest in the third and finally scrambling to clean up the mess I've made in time for finals. All this periodically punctuated by me realizing it's happening and telling myself I'll turn over a new leaf or some such shit. Sigh. Who wears short shorts? Lucy wears short shorts. So does Eileen. I bet Larry does too, he's snazzy.

What I'm hoping is that I can wrap up this next semester nice and neat-like without needing to take on any extra classes in the summer. I want to be an NYU graduate in May of 2005. I want my diploma and my freedom, which will immediately become my fright as I realize I have no idea what I am doing with myself, at all, and try to scramble my way to Japan. Will I always be scrambling? I think I spend 355 days a year being a lazy bum, and the other ten a-scramblin'. And during leap years I spend that extra day trying to touch my nose with my tongue.

I picked up Chuck Palahniuk's new book, Stranger Than Fiction the other day. What I can tell so far is that as much as this man might get into repetitive grooves in his writing that get tiresome, he is a person that loves to write, and wants to inspire others to write in their lives. The book is a compilation of essays and stories about true life experiences he's had, different places and things and people he has witnessed, that have given him ideas for the books he's already written. In a way, he's killing the mystery behind "how did he think of that?!" which is a pretty cool thing to willingly do. It's like saying, "No, no, I'm no magician. Let me show you all my smoke and mirrors."

Makes me want to write. (Will I? Ho ho ho...) "Our technology for telling stories becomes our language for remembering our lives." He's right. I always think of my life in terms of being a movie.


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