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Last night, went to No Malice Palace, hip little hip-hop hoppin' spot down on 3rd between A and B, to celebrate Nikasister's 25th birthday. PBR and Sierra were drunk, people were bumped, and conversation was had. I arrive a bit late after a puff-tough session with Ani and some Stop Making Sense watching, and I think Ani fell in love with David Byrne. Who wouldn't? Welcome to the fold, biatch!!!

So when I arrived there I mingled with Nika and her friends and got to be the considerate brother who brought presents including a Sex and the City box set which makes me, you know, sensitive and stuff, rock on. Finally found Lucy then, crammed up in the thinnest walkway ever between couches and tables with her friend RJ and we proceeded to drink and talk. Ani and I had just been discussing how there are three immediate topics of conversation between almost anybody, in this order: music, drinking, drugs.

Well one of the first things RJ talked about was that he had spent six years completely sober from drugs, drink and cigarettes after going a little too overboard. What self control! Kudos, I wonder if I could ever do it. (I wonder if I'd get out of control though and I tend to think not.) Anyway, so he was saying he thought sobriety was so important, especially a long stint of it, in order to achieve a certain amount of self-control and self-discovery, which I found interesting because if I put out a book of mottos, one would definitely be: self-exploration through intoxication.

One thing I've found over the years (starting in Jackson Heights when a couple of friends held an "intervention" after me and Matt had smoked pot times) is that when you've got people who are sober, and people who do drugs, you rarely find the people doing drugs saying that they think everyone should get fucked up. I mean, I think a little pot couldn't hurt anyone, and a psychedelic experience as well, but I also know for some people it's unneeded and unnecessary...some people find their groove without anything extra, and for some people drugs are a problem, and for some people drugs are just like...I don't know, TV or something.

So this has less to do with individual people, now that I really think on it, and more comes the worst word in the English language...society. We've been raised in an atmosphere of drugs-are-bad so that even once you do drugs, and then go sober, you are preconditioned to think that sobriety has some sort of edge over intoxication. Well, naturally, cause the world runs sober most of the time, and people have important things to do. All this speaks to is the need for moderation. But why is that sobriety leads to a holier-than-thou attitude a lot of the time? (Not to say RJ had that attitude, but he did think what worked for him would definitely work for everybody else, and I just don't think that's necessarily true. Just like I don't think some mushrooms would do everybody the good I feel they've done me. Ghitman freaked out, for example.)

As human beings, were just little bits of a huge system. We're no different, in a way, than bacteria floating around in a pool. We encounter chemicals, ingest them, react, learn, adapt, and move on. Millions of Americans (and humans in general) every day are swallowing all sorts of chemicals. We live in an age of medication. Drugs, on the other hand, and I'm mainly talking psychedelics I guess, have historically had a much more "spiritual" connotation in everyday life. So where is anyone getting off deciding what's worth assimilating into your system and what's not?

I guess what it all comes down to is that I wish people would realize reality is way more flexible than it seems. Ani told me how her friend A didn't really have anything to talk about with person B. But Ani told friend A that she personally always could talk with person B, to which friend A responded "yeah, but all you talk about is drugs."

Do we see the problem here? friend A's response was actually "yeah, but all you talk about is______." Fill in the blank with whatever's considered taboo wherever you are in the world space-and-time wise. If it had been the case, do you think friend A would have said "yeah, but all you talk about is TV." No, she would have said "yeah, you guys watch a lot of the same shows."

So, to restate, and expand, and cut this rambling off:

self-exploration through intoxication within moderation


  • At 12:35 AM, Blogger Karass said…

    self-exploration through intoxication is a great motto or is it just a great description of what we do almost daily??


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