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happy (c?)hanukah?

Well folks, it's December Seventh, and when the sun falls down beneath the horizon under the weight of all this rain this evening, it will officially be the first day of that multi-candled holiday you know and love, Hannukah. I remember what a joy these eight days would bring when I was younger, and more specifically the loads of good presents they brought. My father would show up for a candle lighting or two, and otherwise my mom would shower me with action figures. Usually 2 a day and 3 on the first and last days. Top of the line, state of the art, Marvel Comic Batman Star Wars He Man goodness, god what a life! What a week! I'd actually be hopping up and down in excitement at the prospect of lighting one more candle on the menorah, just cause I knew what was coming right after that. A couple of solid dollar bills, and finally, finally, a Robin action figure! Sure he'e a pussy sometimes, but Batman's gotta have his sidekick sometimes.

So lately Hannukah hasn't been so exciting. Usually I want something in September, and ask for it to count as my present for all eight days three months in advance. I take my presents out like loans, and then still hope for a little bonus when December rolls around. So if anyone's wondering, or cares, or! Here's a list, in no particular order, of Danny's top 8 Hannukah gifts, 2005.

Game Boy Advance SP - it's been a long time since I had a portable system, and lord knows when my dad still lived with us the Game Boy was decidedly his. While he damned the TV as the "idiot box" (and still watched the Simpsons and news), he was often found slouched on the couch completely riveted by level 9-5 on the B mode of Tetris. I admit, that's the only video game he was ever better at than me. It was also the only one he played. Anyway, enough father obsessiveness! Damn family problems, damn! Anyway, I'm ready for a new game system to carry around, one that's colorful and has all my favorite old SNES and Nintendo games available for it at cheap prices. Come on!

iPod Photo - I want a new iPod damnit. Mine don't work no more, plus it's about half the size of all the music I have. And photos, I wanna carry around photos. But you know, if this list was in a specific order, iPod would be last - cause they'll just change and get better as time goes on and I'll want new ones.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: Extended Edition - And this would probably be number one. With 50 minutes of additional footage, and closure on this most awesome of film experiences, Peter Jackson has offered up one of the greatest gifts the holidays have to offer.

M-49 Electronic Audio Keyboard - Able to plug into Garage Band and a number of other programs, be hooked up to all the effects pedals Miriam left behind for her electric guitar, and perhaps even be hooked up to my techno dance party, this thing is just a fucking must-have. I want to make spacy weird noises and trip out in my room to the sounds of my own madness.

You Had To See This One Coming

A Train Ticket to Pittsburgh, Please.

Anything here would be nice.

Old Habits Die Hard


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