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fuck you, semester.


It's back to high school for me - Hell if this is what high school is like these days, count me in. I didn't even start smoking pot till my senior year and here these kids are swapping acid for dimebags? And this is literally about six blocks from where I work. Where I am sitting right now. Let's go to the Waaaaall. You think the publishing of that article has spoiled it all? Probably cops scoping the place out now...dang!

An Excellent Read - Screw the Cowboys, let's all just play Indians.

Thou Shalt Kill Ragheads! - The US Elite Operations portion of the Army is recieving 10,000 specially made Army-specific Bibles that highlight military messages from the good lord Jesus Christ! I want to get my hands on that thing and see just how explicitly it justifies the killing of the 'enemy,' whoever that decides to be on any particular day in world politics.

Baby Jesus Is Missing
- I think it's hilarious someone compiled this list, I wish I was one of the culprits, I'd love a stolen Baby Jesus.

Reform to Combat Terrorism
- Colin Powell told leaders of the Arab world that they must introduce democratic and human rights reforms in order to combat terrorism. Well, congratulations US government...I AGREE! I've been giving this a lot of thought and while I hate to give in to any sort of Us vs. Them mentality here, I think that Islam (both extremist interpretations and some of its basic tenets) is poorly equipped for survival in and contribution to the modern and modernizing world. Take a look at the situation in the Netherlands, one of Europe's most liberal countries, which is experiencing a wave of extremist Islamic violence (someone was planning to bomb the Red Light district last week) because immigrants from poor Arab countries think that the Dutch are too immoral. This is what I mean by poorly can't go around forcing your way of thinking on everyone else, and if you'd like to live in a country with your brand of rules, they exist - Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. But many Muslims don't want to stay in their countries of origin and emigrate elsewhere because they have less money and poorer conditions at home than they can have elsewhere. The future is going to be built on fluid cultural exchange on a global level...can the Islamic world become an integral part of that? I think so, if slowly.

week, end.

The weekend saw Lucy being a great student and me playing some video games and listening to too much Shpongle. Somewhere in there were a couple of excellent dinners and a strange electronic music show where nerds played downtempo electronica on computers for 20 people lazily sipping beers. But Lucy's boss came along with cranberry raising cookies and in the end, it was 3 AM and we were puffing with Eileen before she started her day. At 3 AM. In a nightclub. For the morning. Keep up the good work.

The one thing I got accomplished was that I filled out 95 percent of my application to the Apple Store SoHo, where I am absolutely dying to work. I'm tired of this shit job and this shit computer and this shit chair at this shit desk. I want to walk around that big open space with that awesome staircase and excitedly sell Macs to people for a sweet little commission, which, when combined with my employee discount, will quickly net me an iPod and an electronic keyboard - the latter one I'm aching for lately. I can't believe I completely gave up on playing piano after I broke my elbow in 3rd grade, but it was hard to get excited about something that you felt you were only doing 'cause your mom made you. Hopefully these fancy fingers still got some freaky flickin' in 'em.

last day of class

And it couldn't come sooner. Though I'm as frightened of the future as I am bored with the academic present, I guess I'd rather get school overwith than sit in anymore British Literature II classes doodling away. I can't even draw well, so what am I really getting out of class at all then? After work today it's Natural Science II, then Brit Lit II, then the semester is done as far as classes go. One more 8 page paper and two finals for the aforementioned classes a week from today, then I'm completely done. Hurrah.


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    i cant believe i still have a fuckin 12 page paper to write. 12 pages dude. i just cant seem to do it. my one class that actually counts towards my major and im gonna fail it. ok i exaggerate - i have another major class also, but thats a joke and im done with it anyways. plus i have a fuckin final monday. AND NO TIME. and i mapped out the next 140 hours of my life and they dont look conducive to school. it just wont work. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i will do it tomorrow. i will. I WILL. ok good night. oh how i miss high school and all the fun it brought me. HA.

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