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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw. (Like a Donkey, soundly sleeping.) Finals are OVER! School is OUT for the winter, which only really lasts 11 more days before it takes a luscious sun-filled 2-week break. Yum. With school firmly in the rear-view, Lucy and I can focus on organizing an extreme water-baloon armageddon in the villa. Everyone will suffer now. Everyone will suffer now. You can't save yourself! (Sorry. Marilyn Manson lyric flashback.)

I made my Brit Lit final my bitch, and coasted along on Nat Sci as well as I could, all very much thanks to (this week's theme) Ghitman's generous prescription donation and more studying than anyone ever expects of me. Eileen and I braved the bitter cold at 9 AM to make it to the library and both walked out of our finals with grins that said to one another: it's time to buy pot! So we did, and the bowling was planned, and then...

And hour and a half wait! Here's where things get RANDOM. So after walking all the fucking way to Bowlmor lanes for the letdown of the month, Lucy, Eileen, Nika and myself decided to make our way over to B-Side and shoot some pool in the backroom instead. We settled into a game, and Lucy and Eileen handed the Elder Duo a solid defeat which meant they were the winners, who would now play the challengers: two guys named J and Loco, local folk from right around Alphabet City. It became clear within minutes that if J wanted to, he could have cleared the table in one single swoop, not giving either Lucy or Eileen a turn, but J had a quality in him you couldn't help but admire (even if he took it too far sometimes): rather then hustle a couple of kids playing for fun, he used his know-how to make it fun and teach us all some moves. It was a really random night, and J's brother, the indubitable Loco, was a jackass who was more interested in showing off that he was smoking in the bar than playing pool. But J kept making fun of him, and that was fun. Anyway, I couldn't have written that up more boringly, I swear it was a lot of fun.


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