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and then there were two...

...finals, that is. Natural Science II followed by British Literature II, the twain separated by a mere ten minutes this coming Monday afternoon, then I'm home free. Just ingested another boon-from-Ben and now I'm gearing myself up to immerse myself in Victorian poetry, which is not something easily done. Two days of hardcore studying is what this weekend will be, but at least tonight I have Nika's birthday party to look forward to. I should have said this on Tuesday, but, HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY NIKITCHKA!

Pixies were great the third time around. We ended up a little further back than the other two nights, but really, once the guitars and the screaming begin, I could care less. The show was epicly awesome, especially the Head On>U-Mass section lifted right from Trompe Le Monde. I won't post the setlist cause there were very few changes, but throwing Head On in there really made a humongous difference.

As if three nights of Pixies rockin' weren't enough to make a week of finals and papers a little easier to deal with, Lucy and I took the ultimate trip back through time when we went up to Lincoln Center to catch The Big Apple Circus. Lucy's mom is some kind of awesome for getting us those tickets (and she makes a mean raspberry muffin too). Though our seats could have been better (we had one of those classic circus situations where the pole is right in front of you and blocking part of the stage) it was still an awesome time. Freshly ripped baked and burnt we made our way there and grabbed our seats in time to hear a lot of talk about charity, and then the good stuff began. Some of the shit these people do is insane. There was some trapeze, some horses, cats chasing birds and....THE GREATEST DOG SHOW IN HISTORY! We saw a snow white pomeranian do a handstand with a baton in its mouth, and dogs doing all sorts of crazy jumping tricks. The closer for the show (before everyone came out for the last bow) was this crazy troupe of Russian acrobats that were being catapulted off of see-saws to ridiculously obscene heights. Little freaks, they were.

The whole show was based on artists who have been inspired by the circus, which was cool. I think someone like Nika or definitely Eileen too would have been able to name every single painting being referenced, but I only sort of vaguely felt like i recognized a few. Some of the painters they referenced were Degas, Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec, Chagall and Magritte. I want to go to a museum! Oh my god...the circus did that. Weird.

What's cool about the Big Apple Circus is how unbelievably small it was. I mean, i was disappointed at first because for some reason I guess I expected a big big tent with two trapeze things that would swing towards each other and people flipping over a net and what not, but it was a pretty small event in actuality. What I think we both really appreciated was that in a day and age when even Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have changed their packaging to look more liquidy fluidy computer graphic cool, the circus hasn't changed NOT ONE BIT! You couldn't help but feel like a little kid cause they didn't give you any other choice. Three cheers for soda and popcorn and clowns.

By the way, Watch This!

We followed up the circus with a viewing of Grave of the Fireflies, a Japanese animated film that is easily in the running for Top 3 Most Depressing Movies Ever. I vaguely remembered it from days at Carlyle but this was essentially like seeing it for the first time. The Japanese are amazing when it comes to art - Lucy said it right, they just know how to express EVERYTHING. They can get across everything - feeling, mood, emotion, opinion, all through the tiniest subtleties in their animations. Definitely recommend it to anyone. At the same time that it made me fascinated with Japanese culture, it also pointed out so many things that are wrong with the way people go about their lives there...there's a real social darwinism to the whole thing, and it all seems very depressing. But I think Japan is on the cusp of huge change. More on that another time, maybe. (If I read enough more about it to feel like I know what I'm talking about.)


  • At 1:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    its supposed to snow tomorrow night, what do u say to weed, wine, and interpol!!!!!!!!

  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger ben bostick said…

    batman, wow. japan, wow. you missed a fantastic series that just left the anthology film archives called JPEX (japanese experimental film). it was one of the coolest things ever. i went to three of five nights of japanese genius and regretted not cancelling my commitments the other two nights to see the other two installments in the series. japanese culture is fascinating, as is experimental film at afa. and when their powers combine, you get tumbleboon.


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