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there are many here among us who feel that life is just a joke.

What a great few days. Let's put on the time travel goggles and look backwards. Thursday saw Dirty on Purpose and the Arcade Fire share the stage at the Bowery Ballroom with nothing but a troupe of gay Canadians between them - sounds something like the bulk of my wet dreams. While the volume for Arcade Fire was somewhat lacking, their energy didn't fail to find its way into my mind, my heart, and then down into my tippy toes while they shouted "Dance, varmint!" Track 7 (Wake Up) proved to be the absolute highlight of the night with Lucy, DJ Del and I being the most obnoxious drunk people in the whole of the Bowery as we hooted hollered and stomped along with their joyful chorus of childhood OHHHH!

Friday saw a return to the Hammerstein Ballroom to see Interpol about a year and a month after seeing them in that very same spot, and jeez. I love New York. So I love Interpol. They're...inseparable. They manage to encompass the very isness of New York in a way - their performance almost comes off as melodrama, with Carlos' jumpy bass lines grounding the absolute epic nature of the vocals and guitar, and it would be so easy to say, well this is an act. But those of us who know New York know that while everyone walks around wrapped up in the surface, there's the grit that binds it all together and lets masks communicate sincerity. I almost managed to succinctly say what I really mean. Damn! Maybe next time.

I barely remember Saturday, which saw Lucy and I checking out the Mercury Lounge for a full night of music, beginning to end, something I've never done before. We only intended to catch Midnight Movies, who definitely rocked - I remember Noah once saying there was no excuse for a band to not have a bassist (except the beloved White Stripes) but Midnight Movies didn't have a bass for 85 percent of their performance, letting synth lines take their place instead, and that was just fine with me. I have quite a penchant for any sound that reminds me of the inside of a computer. I want to play video games. The rest of the music that night was all right, and got way better once we got to Company where Del was playing DJ and granted multiple requests such as: Pour Some Sugar On Me, Gigantic by the Pixies, Spacehog's In The Meantime and Bowie's Jean Genie. One vaporizer hit later and it was time to pass out.

Sunday was lush day. Did nothing all day. Then, with not much money to spare in this world, Eileen and I split an eighth which was delved into hungrily as the three of us prepared for the ultimate end-of-the-weekend dinner - all you can eat at VATAN with a couple bottles of wine. We left the place clutching our stomachs - mine still hurt this morning from being TOO FULL!


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