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The other day I was all stoned and rushing to class, astounded at the world as usual, when I ran into Charlie Schulman, my old screenwriting teacher from about a year ago. We were grinning to see each other, as we'd had a certain kind of rapport between us, and stopped to shoot the shit on the sidewalk. I babbled, told him something about scripts and meaning to e-mail him, and then we went on our separate ways as I went to class.

That got me thinking. And then I got a package in my mailbox, a fluffy envelope with a flyer and a slim DVD case inside, the complete When Tyrants Kiss experience delivered right to my doorstep. Needless to say I was excited as fuck to finally get a chance to see the movie that Larry had labored so hard on. I'd seen a couple of clips and was quite ready to get on with the whole thing. On the back of the flyer accompanying the DVD were kind words that made me rue how little I actually make these days, and made me think of random words Lucy had scribbled on her dry-erase board the other day: sometimes he ached with the music he failed to make.

Well, Friday's trip to Red Lobster was far too ghastly to allow for any movie-watching afterwords; only passing out. Saturday was a FULL DAY! Breakfast, walking, buying Thanksgiving dinner clothes, walking for 4-5 hours, visiting Ei at warm-and-cozy Dylan Prime, then Lucy whipped up delicious dinner (couscous with corn, garlic and snowpeas; salad with peppers, tomatoes, greens) and we waited for Eileen to get back so we could watch When Tyrants Kiss. Time passed, clocks ticked, and finally we cracked and decided it was time to get down and boogie to this shit.

An odd experience watching a movie that someone who you're extremely close with has had a hand in making. Especially when their hand in the movie is the hand that moves the camera...being someone that wants to make films I already feel extra-aware of the godlike power of the camera to choose what is and isn't seen, and how those things are/aren't shown, it was doubly disorienting knowing that Laurence was behind a great deal of the skullduggery at work. You know, I'm not gonna put my review of WTK up here yet for two reasons: 1) I definitely need to see it again within the next 3 or 4 days, and 2) why would I tell you before I told Larry one-on-one? You punks!

So when I slipped into bed last night I had a hard time sleeping for a while, though the marijuana Pabst Blue Ribbon haze was thick around my eyes. I couldn't help but be so down on myself, for being such a goddamned lazy fucking sonofabitch. For being someone who's afraid of putting the effort in. It's hard to think of opportunities that may have been wasted. I should e-mail Charlie.


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