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playhouse (AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!)

Last night, I saw Kasabian in concert. I knew very little of the band other than their name before last night. Lucy and I rolled in to a ridiculously packed and heated Bowery Ballroom, ran into Johnny and Daylen, and made our way to our proper place beside the bar, and I got excited by a very cool looking backdrop that was up on the stage. It looked something halfway between a terrorist, a flag, and a just plain angry man. This just might be cool, I thought!

I was pretty disappointed, but I spent most of the time wondering if I was really disappointed or if I was just being a musical snob. I was really torn. These guys came up with some good tunes and you got the impression that they'd get really high in the studio and jam and come up with some awesome combinations of sound but somehow it all just couldn't pull together. Apparently big fans of psychedelic mushrooms, the band had this combination british-rock (ahem, oasis) meets Pink Floyd sound, and all produced completely ready for the radio. And that's where the snobbery comes in because is it so bad that they're so commercial-sounding? (When did commercial become a sound?!) Isn't Franz Ferdinand succeeding in the mass commercial market? Then why do I looooove them ever so much? Well, cause they're fucking awesome. Oh well. I tell you what, Kasabian, I'll check you out again on CD sometime.

Following the show we caught Conan O'Brien for the first time in for fucking ever. Something about Conan is absolute magic. You sit there and this weird, hilarious red-headed freak of a guy is staring at the camera talking right to you, and all of a sudden, you realize this is what TV was made you could sit in a room and not feel alone because this person is so entertaining it's like they're right in your living room. Woody Harrelson was a freak, a 30-second clip of Pee-Wee's Playhouse made me nostalgic as all hell, and the Flaming Lips made me wonder if I'll ever see them play a real show. I'm crossing my fingers that I get to see more than four songs on New Year's Eve.

Is the food at Red Lobster any good? Please, somebody comment on this before I go eat a lot of shrimp tonight.


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