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The more I read about this war the more I hurt. It's that awful pain that reaches levels of intangibility that personal pain can't even touch. It's a pain you almost wish you could feel more, but there's a terrible distance between yourself and all of it. The US government is claiming there have been no civilian deaths in the assault on Fallujah. You know why? Because civilians who want you out of their city because you're destroying it without allowing them access to food and medecine are going to end up hating you too, and when you kill them as they try to flee you can say "oh, well..they're...insurgents, yeah that's it."

Read this if you don't believe that: Photographer Flees

Try and put yourselves in the shoes of innocent Iraqis as they panic, a normal human reaction to bombs dropping around you. And they run for the river, and they hear helicopters above them, which only increases the fervor of that panic, and so they decided to swim across the river away from this living hell on earth.....only to get rifled from above. Just shoot anything that moves.



  • At 12:03 PM, Blogger Steve-O said…

    To the author: I too hurt for the innocent victims of the war in Iraq and the battle in Fallujah. The real fault here however, does not lie with the U.S. Armed Forces. I would like to point out to you a couple of absolute, undeniable facts.

    One, the current attack to rid Fallujah of these idiot terrorists didn't just happen because a bunch of soldiers were in the area anyway, so hey, let's just blow up the town. The attack has been planned on so many different organizational levels that you or I could not comprehend it for the last few months probably. The Iraqi residents of Fallujah have had tons of time to leave the city, which is just what 80% of the population has done. They believed what was told to them, that the battle would be fierce. The people who left also knew about the Second fact I would like to share with you.

    Two, the people who had the sense to leave knew that the terrorists would use any location that they deemed strategic to attempt to kill the US forces, even if that meant firing from the living room of a home filled with a peaceful family who decided to "ride out" the battle like a Floridian during a hurricane.

    How can you possibly fault the US and Coalition forces?

    Throughout history, our nation has been the most humane towards it's defeated enemies. It is not the desire of the US military to just indiscriminately blow away whoever they wish. There are cameras and reports embedded with them to report what really happens. Civilians who don't leave the city or who are taken advantage of by the terrorists are sadly, unfortunately in a colossal case of "wrong place at the wrong time".

    If what you write about our atrocities is true, why would we fool with fighting house to house? Maybe you haven't considered that. In all actuality, we could have flattened the entire city in a matter of hours without the loss of a single US soldier. We are going house to house to try to preserve the city and not just wantonly kill and maim those may have decided to stay in the city.

    We are taking Fallujah back from the terrorists because of the fact that they are not allowing adequate medical care to be provided, because they are hoarding the food from the people who need it. They are attempting to do what Saddam did with the Oil for Food Program. We cannot let them do that.

    Hopefully, my points make sense to you. My feeling is that you are not viewing the entire picture when you write. Again, I am saddened too, and I want our soldiers to kill every single terrorist, so that no more innocents have to die.

    We're the good guys, whether you can see that or not. Peace!

  • At 12:05 PM, Blogger Laurence O'Neal Suarez said…

    Bush's Orwellian style of irony laced naming drives me crazy. After all, what does insurgents really mean? Why this new label for 'rebel'? Were obviously supposed to equate insurgents with terrorists, but why? Because, once we reduce these rebels to the status of villians, we need not question what actions are taken to quash them.

    insurgent (as in "revolutionist") n. : a person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority (especially in the hope of improving conditions)

  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger tumblehawk said…

    Hm. Well, Steve-O I guess the perspective I was talking from, and didn't elaborate on, is that I guess instead of becoming less idealistic as I grow older, I'm only getting more idealistic. This war business just seems ridiculous to me. I'm all for self-defense, don't get me wrong, but wherever we are now is because we went to "war" (they haven't called something that officially for 50 years now). It's the fact that this war, whatever pretense it's built on, is founded on the fact that there is a war of ideologies at hand in the world right now. I think Islam as it is interpreted and practiced today is at odds with the evolution of culture all around the rest of the world, which is more in tune with a reality that is by its nature constantly in flux. This is why most Islamic countries are less developed than we are - not just because we own everything, but because technology leads to freedom in a way.

    What I'm saying is that, as you put it, these people are in a colossal "wrong place at the wrong time" situation, and that we're civilized enough to never have to put anyone in that situation ever, anywhere. I realize we've dug a hole in Iraq and we need to climb out of it, and I'm just sorry for that.

  • At 9:16 PM, Blogger tumblehawk said…

    Steve-O, just noticed one more thing on your post.

    Good guys?

    There is no such thing as good guys, there are only opinions and perspectives. Once the world understands there are no good guys and bad guys, that there is only wisdom and sense, will we move forward.

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