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buy me a puppy.

A while ago, Oveis linked to a New York Times article about a couple of political bloggers who set aside the world of politics every Friday to blog pictures of their cats. Well, this ain't no political blog, and I ain't got no cat, but goddamn it it's Friday, and you people deserve a Dachshund.

Her name is Lucy! Seriously!

Anyway, here follow some interesting reads you might want to peruse:

-You could be addicted to porn.

-Sometimes there are these little news stories that will fade away into the nothingness of history but are so creepy and poignant.

-The official NYU newspaper may suck, but The Zutons kick ass.

Thought: If my father was a character from Lord of the Rings, he would be Gollum; having stumbled upon a fortune, he hoards it in his cave and eats fish all day.


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